Tips on How to Keep Yourself Organized

We all have had days when there is so much to do that taking a nap instead seems like such a tempting idea. The laundry hamper is over-flowing, dinner has yet to be prepared, toys are lying all over the floor, socks are in your filing cabinet and the approaching deadline at work is giving you a nervous breakdown. Whether you are a stay-at-home, hands-on mom or are a working mother, you could definitely use a few tips on how to organize your life.

Some women seem to do it effortlessly. Not only are they proud owners of impeccably maintained homes, they are also achievers at work and are able to maintain a social life all at the same time. The question is what do they know that we don’t?

5 Best Kept Secrets of Super (Organized) Moms:

  1. Everything in Its Place:

    The first step to being organized and efficient is to have a separate place for everything. Try to make separate drawers for your day clothes, night wear, socks and other things to stay organized. From documents to toys to kitchen knick-knacks, assign a place for everything and make conscious effort to place things in their assigned slots every time you see an item out of place. However, to maintain an organized house, it is not enough for you to practice this habit alone. Get your family to follow in your footsteps. If you are scared of looking over controlling, don’t worry. Once they get into this habit, they will have only you to thank for in the long run.

  2. Make Lists:

    Whether you lug your old fashioned diary in your purse or use a digital device, make it a habit to jot things down in your device or diary. The fast pace lifestyle we all live in can leave us all forgetful at times. As much as we would like to rely on our memories, it is important to make lists. While you are at it, make sure you display your lists in hard-to-miss places. If it’s a digital list, set alarms that remind you about it periodically.

  3. The Family Calendar:

    Once kids are in school, chances are high that things at home are likely to be more disorganized than ever before. You cannot afford to miss a school event, but neither can you manage to miss that important deadline at work. This can lead to a lot of stress on your part. As a result, maintaining a family calendar is the perfect way to avoid any sort of chaotic situation. Make it a habit to sit your entire family down once a week and note down all events occurring in each family member’s lives. This will help you plan any upcoming event and save you from committing yourself to more than one thing on the same day.

  4. A Chore a Day:

    With so many things occupying our minds, we are left with very little time to be dedicated to household chores. The majority of us are guilty of pushing chores to the weekend, and when the time actually comes, we end up putting them off because of other tasks we need to do. This results in some chores being neglected yet again. The way out of this rut is to assign a particular day to a particular chore. If you tackle laundry on Mondays, make Tuesdays your dusting day and so on and so forth. You can utilize the weekend to cook a few meals in advance that you can reheat on days you are too tired or busy to prepare dinner.

  5. Keys and Other Essentials:

    Somehow, we tend to misplace the things we need/use the most. In most households, keys, wallets, glasses, etc., seem to grow a pair of feet and disappear without warning. It’s a good idea to keep a shelf, a stand or a box next to the main door to house all these items. This ensures that the next time you are going out; you don’t have to frantically search and put everything upside down to find your house/car keys.

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