Tips and Tricks for Summer Fashion

For busy moms on the go, keeping up with all the latest trends in summer fashion is not always a top priority.  From coordinating carpools to dishing advice to the kids, moms already have more than enough on their plate without having to worry about summer fashion and trends. Thankfully, there are a few popular summer trends out there that are dominating summer fashion. To help make shopping a little easier for you and your family this season, here are a few tips and tricks to staying on top of all the latest summer styles.

Generally summer fashion comes down to putting your own personal twists on popular seasonal trends. Don’t feel restricted to follow the summer trends if you are not ultimately comfortable in what you are wearing. Mom can easily work in these simple summer fashion ideas when shopping for the season.

Summer Fashion
"Spring fashion at Barney's, Las Vegas" by Deb Nystrom is licensed under CC BY 2.0

  • Heightened hemlines –

Summer fashion is often dictated by the warmer weather, so depending on your locale turn to options like skirts, dresses, or shorts to help you stay cool and collected. As a basic summer style tip, don’t feel restricted to traditional cuts when it comes to clothing. Depending on your body type consider trying out various lengths with popular summer styles like Bermuda shorts, A-line skirts, sundresses, or even cuffed short suits. Although there are a number of popular summer trends, you should always be shopping for items that work for you and your summer body!

  • Peek-a-boo cutouts –

When it comes to summer fashion, sheer, patterned, or lace covered cutouts in tops, dresses and even a few fashion forward bottoms are a fun and festive way to make a statement with what would otherwise be a simple piece of clothing. A popular summer trend, these types of daring details help keep clothing light and breezy when warmer weather begins sets in. Then, when fall and winter arrive, you might even consider using this hot summer trend when layering for the cold. You will be surprised at how versatile these summer styles can be.

  • Bright colors –

Nothing quite symbolizes summer fashion like the prominence of bold and bright colors. This popular summer trend has come to represent the seasonal changes occurring in nature as flowers and other greenery begins to blossom after a long winter. When it comes to sticking to this popular summer trend, contrast some of your basics by¬¬ shopping for vibrant hues or jewel tones like fiery orange-reds, saturated greens, cobalt blues, or vibrant pink tones.

  • Bold Patterns –

Stripes, polka dots, and festive floral prints are just a few of the bold summer styles that moms like you can expect to find on the racks of some of your favorite boutiques and shops. When it comes to summer fashion, make sure to find the cuts and styles that fit your body types best. Patterns can often accentuate your shape, so be sure that you don’t let the pattern completely take over your summer style.

  • Shoes and sandals –

With the weather permitting, summer is the perfect time of year to pull out the wedges, open toed flats, and geometric cutout or gladiator style sandals. Depending on what type of summer styles that you are most comfortable wearing, you might even compliment your summer shoes with a vibrantly colored pedicure.

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