Tips and Ideas for College Care Packages

Moving away for college is a big step for your kids. After all, college is an exciting time when they begin to evolve from a child into an independent young adult. Initially, the transition can bring about bouts of homesickness and other feelings of longing as your college students try to grasp for the familiarity of home and all comforts of childhood that they miss most. Help make the transition easier by planning to pack and send thoughtful college care packages with these top tips and ideas.

College Care Packages
  • Basic necessities: While in college, your kids will be learning to balance their budgets when it comes to figuring out their wants versus needs. With a limited budget, simple packages with basic necessities like extra towels, toothpaste refills, hygiene products, cleaning items and other toiletries used by your college student are always something they will welcome with open arms.
  • Locally sourced foods or snacks: Sometimes kids won’t realize what they have until they truly miss it. For a number of college students that move away from home, cravings for hometown snacks or meals are quite common. Obviously there are limitations to sending perishable foods, but see what you can do to overnight or refrigerate packages to safely send them a delicious reminder of home. Less perishable foods like homemade snack mixes could be a quick and easy option as well.
  • Local Produce College Packages
  • Fun family traditions: What if, for whatever, reason your son or daughter were not able to come home for an important family event or holiday? Send them reminders of home by sharing family traditions with them even when they’re away. For example, you might send a package with their favorite family recipes and ingredients to help them cook festive yet simple holiday cookies or dishes.
  • Movie night themed packages: Ask any college student, and they will admit to spending countless hours in front of the television when they’re not in class. From dorm room movie nights and weekly TV viewing parties to veracious video game battles, movie night themed packages would be a fun surprise to remind kids that they’re still on your minds. Try including copies of their favorite movies along with popcorn and their favorite candies.
  • Packages for exam times: After the late nights, stress, and added pressures of finals or midterms, treat your kids to an expertly timed package to reward them for all of their hard work during exam times. Think about sweet treats that will cater to their inner child like a box of cookies, gift cards, or any other thoughtful surprises that will help them indulge in a little rest and relaxation.
  • Get well soon packages: When your child is sick and away at school, you might send them a special package filled with the essentials for nursing them back to good health. Consider including cough drips, decongestants, tissues, hand sanitizers, vitamins, etc.

For added help, parents might even turn to popular online sites like From-mom, Hipkits, or Care Packages to pack and ship care packages for all kinds of different occasions.

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