Throwing a Fun BBQ

With the start of summer, barbecue parties are back on everyone’s minds. So how do you ensure your own BBQ stands out from the rest? Follow JumpStart’s simple tips to throw a great barbecue party that your guests will rave about for weeks.

Fun BBQ Party Tips
Ensure that your BBQ party stands out from the rest

Tips to Throw a Great Barbecue Party

Tools: Have your BBQ tools ready the day before. Clean your grill, stock up on lighter fluid and charcoal briquettes, and ensure you have enough plastic plates, cups and cutlery for all your guests. The thinner plates break easily with all the meat piled on them, so go for the more sturdy variety.

Preparation: Make sure your deck is cleared out and your lawn is mowed before your party. An unkempt yard has a subconscious dampening effect on people’s moods. Arrange the necessary tables and chairs, keeping a few extra out just in case.

Invitations: While planning your guest list, a good idea is to keep the number of guests to a size that is manageable indoors in case the party has to be continued inside.If you’re following a theme for your BBQ, include it in the invitation to set the mood for the party.

Decorations: An outdoor party can really be livened up without too much effort by paying attention to the decorations. Cover tables in plain tablecloths in solid colors or simple patterns. For centerpieces, go for arrangements that highlight the outdoor setting. For example, you can arrange summer flowers in metal watering cans for a very informal yet endearing decoration. If your BBQ is going to be at night, lights are a must! A few strings of lights will set the mood for a fun and lively gathering. Add to it with votive candle holders arranged on the tables.

Food: This is the focal point of your BBQ party, so it’s important to get it right. Marinate your meat twenty-four hours in advance for the best results. This also ensures your barbecue is healthy. Finish all preparations except for the grilling before your guests arrive. Have a few side dishes ready in advance so that your guests have something to munch on as soon as they arrive. Consider including appetizers like deviled eggs and chips and dip. Hot dogs, ribs, and hamburgers are old time favorites for the main dish. Apart from the obvious ones, try expanding your cuisine to include dishes like kabobs. Spice up the menu with a wide variety of side dishes. Coleslaw, potato salad, baked beans, and pasta salad are some of the options you can choose from.

Entertainment: A summer party held outdoors provides plenty of possibilities for entertainment. You can plan to include popular group games in your party, or just lay out a few water guns, Frisbees, balls, and badminton rackets and leave your guests to enjoy themselves as they please.

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