Throw the Best High School Graduation Party

A high school graduation party is not just another run-of-the-mill party – it is a celebration to help mark your kids’ accomplishments and introduce your anxious teenagers into the adventures of adulthood! That being said, the party better be well-planned, and full of exciting opportunities to make memories that will last a lifetime! Here are a few tips to sail you through organizing a fun high school graduation party and gift the graduates a handful of sweet memories to hold onto as they open this new chapter of their lives!

Where is the party?

"Aussie-Backyard-Sunset" by J c is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Is it the backyard or the local community center or country club? Or, is it at your child’s favorite café? Decide on the venue after calculating the number of guests. If the number of people on the guest list is below 10, then you can easily opt for a small venue or restaurant. But if you’re expecting more guests, be sure to shift the venue to a large, open space that will give the teenagers enough mobility. Throwing the party at your backyard is also another option that you might want to explore, but only if you’re well equipped to deal with the work associated with setting up beforehand and cleaning up the next day.

When is the party?

Backyard barbeque at high school graduation party
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It is pretty common for teenagers to advocate for high school graduation party in the evenings or over the weekend. However, make sure to discuss the timing with other parents to assure that all of your child’s guests can join in the fun. If you’re planning a grand barbecue or any kind of elaborate dinner menu, then it’s a better idea to host the party in the evening to give yourself more time for prep work.

Discuss with your tween –

Talk to your teen before planning the graduation party. Some teens love to get actively involved with the planning while others prefer to maintain a distanced stance. However, including them in the process will help let them know what exactly to expect and vice versa. Also, ask them for any special ideas or wishes that they have which you could try to incorporate into their high school graduation party.

Money makes the world go round!

Begin by deciding how much you can spend and then check around for prices of different things you would like to have or do. Online deals allow you to do your research and compare prices so that you can make the most out of your planned budget. Ensure you make a note of everything as it’s difficult to keep all of them in your head! If you’re a little tight with the budget, you may also want to consider co-sponsoring the party with your child’s best friend or a family member, lowering your cost and sharing resources and responsibilities.

Theme of your graduation party is …

Needless to say a high school graduation party without a theme is like a candy without sweet. Some popular themes for a graduation party are – vibrant colors schemes, Rustic décor, movies, popular icons, and more!

Quick ideas for the high school graduation party –

Ways to make a high school graduation party interesting
"Popcorn" by Edward Kimber is licensed under CC BY 2.0


  • Have a popcorn bar.
  • Use boiling water instead of tap water to make clear ice and put fruits, herbs, flowers or other little surprises in them to dress up their drinks.
  • Wrap cups in colorful cupcake wrappers poked through by straws – a great option if you’re hosting a poolside party.
  • Serve watermelon triangles poked with toothpicks on an ice tray to keep them chilled.
  • Add slices of orange, lemons, mint leaves, and limes to the water that you are serving.
  • Assign a richly done up photo booth themed corner with appropriate props for “selfies” and group photos! After all, printed photos would make a great keepsake or party favor.

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