Playdate Tips for Working Moms

If you are a working mom, you have probably experienced the hassle of scheduling and organizing playdates for your child. Organizing playdates have become even more complicated in a world where kids have fully packed schedules and parents are always busy with their own work and personal issues. It is very easy to get frustrated when your child begs to invite a close friend from school for the afternoon but you are supposed to be at work. It is also very easy to feel guilty when your child is missing out on meaningful social interactions. Check out these useful tips to help you organize playdates stress-free!

Plan a Weekend Playdate

If your child asks to have a playdate with a particular classmate, see if it can be scheduled for Saturday morning. A trip to the park or the museum can be easily accessible and  convenient. Casual outings allow you the opportunity to socialize with other parents while your kids are playing. Many working moms prefer morning playdates so they can have the afternoons and evenings free for some much-needed downtime with the family.

Playdate Tips for Working Moms

Befriend Other Parents

Scheduling a playdate at your convenience will be much easier if you make friends with the other kids’ parents or at least get to know them. If you are lucky, you will find parents who you can hit it off immediately and enjoy spending some quality time together. Finding a parent you can relate to and converse with is very important. Planning your child’s playdate could do wonders for your own social life.

Rotate Playdates

If your child has more than one friend he or she would like to socialize regularly with, see if their parents will agree to a rotational schedule every week or fortnight or month. This allows you and the other parent to take turns having the kids over for a few hours. This works well when your child is clamoring for a weekday playdate and you simply don’t have the time to host one and reciprocate on weekends when the other parents need some precious free time.

Use these tips and soon, organizing playdates will be a piece of cake for all you hard-working moms out there!

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