Shop More, Spend Less – The Coupon Craze for Beginners

What are your favorite saving strategies for the holiday season? Collecting coupons can be one way to save a lot of money all year round, but it can also be of particular help when you are purchasing all your gifts and goodies during the Christmas season. Here are a few handy tips on couponing for you to use:

1. Clip and Gather

Begin your couponing journey by collecting coupons that catch your eye. Scour the small papers folded into newspapers and magazines, flip through coupon books and pamphlets found in stores, and definitely do not forget to search online. Many coupons and coupon codes can be found on coupon websites, or even promoted by certain Twitter users.

2. Organize and File

Do not leave your coupons in a large heap. Start to organize and file them by expiration date, interest, or store name. Many experienced “couponers” place their coupons in binders with labels, which makes it easier to flip through when they are shopping. Find your own way of organizing these coupons and remember that organization is an essential key to effective savings.

3. List, Stack, and Maximize

Keep track of multiple coupons and save even more. Maximize on your saving power by combining store coupons with manufacturer ones to save extra money. “Stacking” is coupon-speak for combining coupons (sale coupons, store coupons, and manufacturers’ coupons), and it is a strategy used by experienced couponers. This really helps maximize on savings and rewards.

4. Know Your Stores and Make a List

Be on the lookout for coupon-friendly stores and write down their names for future reference. Go the extra mile by including all the important store information in your coupon binder. Sign up for the store’s newsletters to really stay on top of the hottest deals and offers.

5. Coupon and Shop with a Friend

When it comes to coupons, the more you have, the merrier. Start collecting coupons with a friend to double the effectiveness and fun. Share your lists of favorite stores, and be on the lookout for respective coupons. Couponing can be a fun and easy way to connect with a good friend who is just as keen on saving as you are.

We hope these tips helped. Happy couponing, and happy holidays!


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