The Best Reading Apps for Young Kids

The development of a child’s reading skills begins at a very young age. Today, though, kids are more likely to spend time on their mobile devices than enjoy a good book. It only makes sense, then, to change with the times and engage kids with fun reading apps. With the endless variety of apps out there, and on so many different platforms, it can get intimidating to pick the best ones for your child.

Top 7 Reading Apps for Kids:

Here is our list of the best reading apps for kids:

  1. Madagascar: My ABCs: An app designed particularly for preschoolers, Madagascar: My ABCs allows them to start building key skills. The little ones get to trace out letters, learn to write, play interactive songs which allow them to identify the letters to the sounds, place stickers of objects whose first letter corresponds to the letter being represented, go on letter hunts in different adventurous sceneries, and learn to pronounce the letter sounds. This app is a must-have for your child!
  2. The Three Little Pigs: This interactive storybook offers many great features for your child to check out. Not only are there tons of colorful pictures, to help your kids visualize what they are reading, but they have audio to assist in reading and a text scroll. The text scroll highlights words as your child reads them.
  3. Super WHY! – PBS Kids: This app has 4 different interactive games, all meant to help your child better their reading skills. These four games include a letter hunt, writing, rhyming, and stories (completing sentences). All of these games assist in letter identification, spelling, letter sounds, writing letters, word rhyming, and sentence completion. This app covers the basic fundamentals of reading and writing in a fun and interactive way.
  4. Tales2Go: An audio feature is a great way for your child to carry fun audio books wherever they go. With thousands of books, your child will never get bored. Listening to books is a great way for kids to familiarize themselves with classics and popular books.
  5. Alien Buddies: This app has a broad spectrum of learning activities. From colors and shapes to motor skills and letters, this app has it all. This app also received the 2012 Parents’ Choice Award.
  6. Kindergarten Reading- by Duck Duck Moose: This is one app that is packed with activities! This fun filled game has 9 different word and letter activities. Overall, it teaches your child letter sounds, consonants, vowels (long and short), spelling, and reading. Help your child get ahead of the curve with this kindergarten specific app.
  7. House that Jack Built: This is a multilingual app for all users. This app has a fun-filled storyline with engaging images. It includes puzzles and drawings as well to keep the kids involved.

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