The Beginning of the Christmas Season

At the start of December, homes across the country are lit up by holiday lightings and decorations as communities transition from honoring the fall holiday of Thanksgiving to the winter festivity of the Christmas season. Help your family settle into the new spirit of the season by adding a few fun and interactive activities to their plans for this exciting time of year. Here are a few heartwarming and easy ideas that offer a pleasant and memorable Christmas celebration for your family.

Decorate the Home

"christmas house" by David DeHetre is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Christmas is all about lights and treats!

As the countdown to Christmas begins, you and your kids will homes in your neighborhood will be decorated in sparkling lights and festive decoration. Prepare your kids for this exciting time by decorating your own home with charismatic Christmas lights that show your family’s love for the season. One would easily be surprised by how simple this act can keep the children and adults in your family happy.

Use a Countdown Calendar

Building anticipation can help kids understand the value and meaning of Christmas. Design a countdown calendar that helps create excitement in your home. It is quite common for those who celebrate Christmas to use advent themed calendars to countdown to the joyous occasion. Assign an activity or treat to share for each day leading up to Christmas.

Create Christmas Crafts

Crafts have the ability to teach kids lessons about the history and tradition behind holidays like Christmas. In their simplest form, they can be the catalyst for instilling children with fond memories of the holiday season. Additionally, parents can use the crafts that their little ones create as festive Christmas décor for the home.

Play Christmas Music

Playing Christmas music around the home can be one of the easiest ways to kick-start the holiday season with your family and community. Turn to common Christmas carols or modern seasonal tunes to help your family transition into the Christmas season and feel the true spirit of the season.

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