Thanksgiving - A Time to Give Thanks

The Thanksgiving season is the perfect time to teach kids the importance of being thankful. It is a common phenomenon that young children often take the day-to-day privileges and opportunities they have for granted. Carve out some time during this holiday to teach your little learners about the history of Thanksgiving and how it is rooted in the beliefs of friendship and the simple act of being thankful.

Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving

The history of Thanksgiving is rooted in the simple act of being thankful

When the Pilgrims began their settlement in the New World, they struggled to find their footing and establish a successful colony. They longed for knowledge to tend to the lands, and ultimately, learn how to grow and harvest the food and resources necessary to survive. In an attempt to build bridges with the Pilgrims and establish a long-lasting peace between the merging cultures, the Natives eventually taught the Pilgrims how to manage the lands and plant crops, such as corn, and how to properly fish in the surrounding waters. For this kind gesture, the Pilgrims showed their genuine appreciation and gratitude by celebrating their new bond with the Native tribes, creating history’s first Thanksgiving.

Following the Pilgrims’ footsteps and their sincere appreciation, teach your kids to identify the things that mean the most to them and what they are most thankful for during this special time of the year. Taking the time to discuss the values of being thankful can enable your kids to better appreciate the various privileges and opportunities in their lives, making them more aware of themselves. To help your little learners, don’t hesitate to turn to activities or crafts to help break down the more abstract concepts of “giving thanks.”

From the dearest family members to school friends and the like, there are so many things for your kids to be thankful for during this time of year, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to turn this festive holiday celebration into a life-long lesson. Start by gathering your family members around your Thanksgiving table, and ask them to share what they’re most thankful for!

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