Technology and Kids: Mobile Electronics

As technology changes and advances are being made to bring information and media to the public in new ways, so does the way in which kids are learning. From the introduction of mobile tablets in the classrooms to basic supplemental, at-home learning tools like learning games and ebooks, mobile electronics are assuming a larger role in not only daily life but also in your kids’ education.

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Mobile electronics are assuming a larger role in kids' education.

Mobile Electronics and Learning

Getting kids familiar with these types of electronics and mobile technologies can help them in the new age of technology and prepare them for what to expect in the classroom.

  • Touch capable mobile devices – Depending on your preferences iPads, iTouches, iPhones, Android tablets and other smartphones are just some of the mobile devices parents and kids are starting to turn to in order to stay connected. For kids these tools open a range of learning opportunities through the vast collection of mobile games and apps available on them.

  • eReadersDigital books allow parent and kids to carry multiple books in digital form on single devices like the Kindle or Nook. Just think what it would be like to have a large library at your immediate disposal. By making books more available to kids and more easily accessible, parents and educators can promote a regular reading routine in the home and in the classroom. These days, many eReaders even allow readers to annotate or write notes in digital book pages.

  • Kid friendly devices – With the rise in popularity of electronic learning tools and edutainment games, some companies have gone as far as making devices that are specific for kids and their specific learning needs. For example, major kids electronics companies like vTech and Leapfrog have both produced mobile tablets and other devices that are innovative adaptations of traditional kids learning tools.

  • Mobile apps and Games – A child’s learning does not always have to be contained in traditional textbooks or flashcards. Interactive and engaging mobile games have revolutionized the way in which kids practice new skills and engage in learning. Much like the online virtual worlds and mobile applications created by JumpStart, the vast range of learning games available on mobile electronics have the ability to make education both fun and entertaining.

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