Teaching Kids Values

 “The important thing is to teach a child that good can always triumph over evil”.

- Walt Disney

Very often, it is parents’ mission to instill the best values in our children. However, with the constantly evolving world, it is difficult to narrow down to the core values that we should teach our children. Should we teach them the right balance of being fair and street smart, or should we pass on the same honesty and integrity that our parents taught us? Read on to understand the five most important values that kids should learn in today’s rapidly changing world.

Honesty | Gratitude | Determination | Respect | Generosity


"Honesty" by Celestine Chua is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Honesty should be encouraged in your family. Sometimes, kids are afraid that they will be punished for speaking the truth. Explain to kids the importance of honesty and reassure them that you will always be by their side if they have the courage to speak and stand up for the right reasons. Teach them about the consequences of dishonesty, and very soon, they will learn to appreciate honesty a lot more. Follow what you preach so your kids have a role model to look up at home.


"Gratitude Tag" by Eugene Kim is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Teach kids to be thankful, humble, and grateful for the little things that life has offered them. Most importantly, teach them to be thankful for the gift of life itself. They must learn to appreciate a few obvious things in life that are often taken for granted, such as their parents, siblings, friends, education, and health.


"Determination" by Dana Lookadoo is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Determination is a practical value that parents should really encourage. A good way to teach kids this value is not to praise them excessively, but rather share realistic feedback with them so that they continue to improve and deliver their best performance. It’s easy for complacency to set in if kids receive excessive compliments, which is why parents have to be cautious while administering praises. Your duty as a loving parent is to encourage the success of your kids and help them overcome from the apprehension and frustration of failure.


"Be yourself." by Live Life Happy is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Proper mannerism should begin from your own household! Say words like "Please", "Thank you", "You're welcome", and "Excuse me" in front of kids so that they can follow you. If kids witness you and your spouse treating each other with respect, they will spontaneously learn this important value and carry it forward. Also, teach kids to respect others’ property and opinions to help build positive relationships with people.


Encourage kids to share. As the world is becoming more and more self-centric, people are becoming less patient and generous. We’ve forgotten to give back to the world that is offering us new experiences every day. Teach kids the importance of giving. Take the opportunity of Thanksgiving  and Christmas  to encourage kids to donate their old clothes, toys, and accessories that they don’t need any more.

Encourage kids to practice all of these values and to follow them even in the face of treacherous obstacles. Teach them the right values of life and leave it to them to take them forward.

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