Teaching Your Kids the Basics of Typing

Computers have changed the face of education in schools. Computer literacy is an important part of many school curriculum. Assignments are allowed and in some cases, expected to be completed on computers. Homework, extra practice and research are almost always done with the aid of the internet. With the prevalence of computers in every sphere of life, this is a welcoming change. However, there is one aspect of computer use that is sometimes left out of the picture – typing on a keyboard. Teaching students how to type is seen by some as something that can wait until high school, or left out altogether. However, there are multiple reasons that your child should learn the basics of typing earlier in their education career.

Teaching Your Kids the Basics of Typing

The Importance of Teaching Typing to Young Kids

  • Kids who use the hunt-and-peck technique well in their teens learn poor typing habits that can be very difficult to change later on.
  • The hunt-and-peck technique interferes with the natural flow of our thoughts, but touch-typing allows kids to get words down without impeding or slowing down their thought process. This in turn facilitates better learning and improves efficiency.
  • As assignments become longer, the accurate way of typing can significantly decrease the amount of time it takes to type them out.
  • Kids who learn the right posture and positioning for typing are better equipped to follow healthy typing practices and reduce the negative consequences of spending long hours at a computer.

If your child’s school does not seem to give typing the importance it is due, you can always opt for typing programs to teach your kids typing.

Teach Typing to Your Kids

Learning Typing for Free with Typing Lessons Online

The internet has many fun ways to learn typing online. Young kids love playing online games, so why not get them to play free typing games online? You can find typing games for beginners that start with the basics of typing. These games teach children how to place their fingers on the keyboard. And then, prompts them to move onto lessons that gradually increase in difficulty. Dance Mat Typing is a good typing game for beginners. Parents can also find online typing tutors that combine online typing lessons and practices to build skills and techniques in typing. The lessons are structured to develop keystroke memory so that kids automatically remember the finger movements for each letter, and then move on to provide practice for words, sentences and paragraphs. TypingWeb is another great free online typing tutor for kids of all ages.

Top Typing Software for Kids

For additional fun and educational features, you can check out some of the great typing software available for kids. Here are three of the best typing softwares for kids:

Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum – This typing software teaches proficiency over the entire keyboard including the numeric keypad. The program is designed to intrigue and motivate kids with a fun storyline.  Users are sent on a quest to capture the castle on Typer Island. Over 30 fun typing games, graduated lessons and comprehensive progress reports make this a great software for teaching young kids to type.

UltraKey – This typing software follows a unique teaching approach for kids. Unlike the game-based approach of other typing software, this one uses success-based instruction to motivate users. The program keeps children informed of each milestone they reach in their attempt to become fluent typists. UltraKey also places greater focus on accuracy and proper typing technique than on speed, in the conviction that once the first two are mastered, the third will come naturally. The software’s focus on quality and is effective in producing mastery over the keyboard.

Typing Quick & Easy – Typing Quick & Easy has eight fun typing games that make typing practice fun for young kids. With over fifty typing lessons, the program focuses on developing strong keystroke memory to develop fluent typists. The large number of practice articles and short stories is guaranteed to keep your child engaged and interested while practicing typing.

Online typing games, free typing tutors and typing software for kids do a great job at keeping young kids motivated to practice and to master touch typing. However, it is best to wait until your child is eight years old before teaching the basics of typing, as a younger child’s hand span is not big enough to reach all the keys comfortably.

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