5 Must Watch Summer Television Shows

Sometimes the best thing to do after a long day in the sun is to sit down as a family and catch one must see summer television shows of the seasons. This time of year brings a variety of new and returning shows that can help provide your family with some extra entertainment. Sitting down as a family to watch a few episodes of a popular summer series is not only a great way to relax but also can help expose kids to broad variety of topics and help spark their interest in particular subjects. With that in mind, here are our top 5 summer television shows:

Summer Shows on the Television
"Olympic TV" by Kathleen Farley is licensed under CC BY 2.0

  1. Xtreme Waterparks (Travel Channel)- 8:00pm starting June 9
    Xtreme Waterparks is a summer series that takes viewers on a tour of some of the top water parks and water slides across the globe. With this must see summer television show, you will be able to visit parks in places such as New York and Rio de Janeiro. Check it out to experience these exhilarating rides and meet the enthusiasts who know how to truly embrace them. Not only are these waterparks exciting to learn about but they each provide a wonderful display of complex engineering.
  2. Mountain Men (History Channel)- 9:00pm starting June 9
    Mountain Men is a summer television show that takes viewers off the grid and into the wilderness. Each episode in this summer series explores the challenges faced by men and women who decide to live off the land. Whether it’s braving the elements, tracking an animal, or even struggling to obtain food and supplies, this summer series is sure to inspire viewers to branch out and have a few adventures of their own.
  3. America’s Got Talent (NBC)- 9:00pm starting June 4
    America’s Got Talent, the popular summer series, is back and brings a whole new host of aspiring performers ranging from dancers to novelty acts. In this summer television show, competitors perform in different stages hoping to be the winner and collect a $1 million cash prize. Each act is a display of unique talent and motivates viewers to discover their own talents and passions.
  4. Get Out Alive With Bear Grylls (NBC)- 9:00pm starting July 8
    Bear Grylls returns to television on this new and exciting summer series. The show pits 10 teams of two against each other in a competition to survive and travel across the terrain of New Zealand. However, teams will sometimes have to work together and develop bonds that will be continually tried and tested. At the end of each episode, Bear Grylls will send home a team that has failed to “Get Out Alive.” This show’s unique competition not only is entertaining but also expands the imagination and wilderness IQ of its viewers.
  5. Off the Hook: Extreme Catches (Animal Planet)- 8:00pm starting June 16
    The summer series, Off the Hook, features pro wrestler Eric Young who is on a mission to travel across America and discover all the different ways that fisherman catch fish. In this must see summer television show, Eric encounters fishermen, each with a fish story of their own and another method for reeling in their prey. As he explores methods ranging from the typical rod and reel to launching live bait with a fire extinguisher, viewers will be shocked and amazed at the ingenuity and genius behind this summer television show.

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