Throw a Summer Tea-time Party

You are right if images of Alice in Wonderland, extravagant tea tables, delicate flowers, and pristine glassware are what cross your mind when you think of arranging a tea-time party! It is summer and tea-time parties are increasingly becoming popular with kids. Kids today wait eagerly to arrange their own tea-parties and welcome their guests with very little help from Mom!

Here’s an easy guide for Moms to throw the perfect summer tea-time party and watch their princesses be filled with joy!

Summer Tea-time Party for Kids
Summer Tea-time Party for Kids

Decide on a Theme

A theme is imperative to a tea-time party. Themes help you arrange the other parts more easily and quickly. Deciding on a theme makes lives much simpler because it gives the party a direction and you an idea of how the party should look! Popular themes for summer tea-parties for little girls can be flowers from the garden, summer fruits, the summer, or just a summer color like orange or red!

Send out Invitations

Your little one would love to invite her guests personally to the most anticipated party of the season! Have her hand-paint the invitation cards to add a special, personal touch. It’s a good idea to make the invitation cards and decorate them to spell out the summer in the air! Paste bits of paper flowers or have her make a nice paper-craft from a bright orange sheet that can be turned into an invitation card. If your list of invitees is expected to be more than a handful, then it is wiser to buy the invitation cards and have your daughter write out the invitation on them.

Fix the Menu

A healthy menu for a summer party doesn’t necessarily mean denying kids their favorite munchies! However, make sure you do not have anything that kids find difficult to eat. Salads with a sweet dressing, bite-size sandwiches, biscuits, croissants, pastries, and desserts are some favorite snacks at summer tea parties. These are closely followed by muffins, cupcakes, sundaes, and yogurt for desserts. Any kind of finger-food that is easy to make finds its place in the tea-party menu. Of course, don’t forget that there should be plenty of tea!

Choose Your Venue

Traditional tea parties are generally held outdoors. Throwing the party in your backyard or your garden gives you a lot of space to put up decorations and enjoy a hassle-free cleanup following the party. Besides, kids find it fun to play around in the garden rather than be restricted within walls!

Summer Tea-time Party for Kids
Summer Tea-time Party for Kids

Plan Games and Activities

Carefully planned activities and games will cheer up any tea-party and send home a bunch of excited girls! Popular tea-time party games like ‘charades’ and ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ are favorites with young girls. For charades, divide the girls into two teams. Each team has to send one of their members to the other team to take a clue which she has to enact and her teammates will have to guess! The team with the most number of correct guesses wins!

‘Pin the tail on the donkey’ can be tweaked to ‘Pin the Ponytail’! Get a life-size picture of Rapunzel without her long pigtail. Blindfold the girls and have them pin the pigtail on the back of her neck. Arrange prizes for each winner and consolation prizes for all.

Plan the Decorations and Create the Ambience

Tea parties have always been known to be decorative! If you’ve planned to have the party outdoors, hang themed balloons and paper lamps from the trees. Spread a lovely lace table cloth over your serving table to add to the ambience. Make sure your glassware and silverware fall into place with the theme.

Run through the list the night before and make sure all the arrangements are in place! Just follow these easy tips and get ready to host a pleasant summer tea-time party!

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