Summer Bucket List for Your Teen - Must Do’s for Summer

If you have a houseful of teens with barely a clue about how to keep them busy this summer, you are not alone. In the summer, temperatures are rising, schools are not in session and parents are living in constant dread of hearing – “Mom, I’m BORED!” Here’s your chance to keep the kids engaged with a bunch of fun activities that will see them safely through the time before they head back to school. We’re referring to – you guessed it – a summer bucket list for teens. And no, it does NOT consist of hanging out with buddies all day or sitting in front of the television for hours on end. So what exactly is on this list?

Summer Bucket List for Teens
A summer bucket list is a great way to keep your teenager engaged

Make Summer Fun with this Bucket List

Summer’s often flexible schedule makes it the perfect time for teens to embark upon adventures, make important life decisions, take up new activities and move outside of their comfort zone. Remind your teen that they have the opportunity to be as daring, as adventurous and as spontaneous as he or she always wanted to be by making a bucket list of all the things they always wanted to do but never found the time for. This could be pages long and filled with myriad activities designed to keep him busy every moment of the day, or a brief to-do agenda of the bigger picture things that he or she must do to make the summer truly memorable.

But isn't summer supposed to be a restful period when teens just let their hair down and relax? Wouldn't a bucket list defeat the whole purpose of a summer vacation? Not if you look at it as motivation – a way to make sure your youngster does the things that they really want to do, instead of wasting the entire summer gorging on pizza while watching movies back-to-back. Your teens will, of course, spend some of their time doing just that, but having a bucket list like this at the ready will ensure that they have reason to head outside and start accomplishing their chosen goals.

Summer Bucket List for Teens – To Do or not To Do

A huge chunk of free time lies before your teenager and it can’t be easy trying to decide on the best way to spend it. Should they simply catch up with their sleep or do they embark on a hectic schedule of new activities that will keep them on their toes all summer? It can be anything your young adult wants to make it. Summer is one of those times when a teen’s schedule is completely free to do what they want. No demands or commitments tie them down, unless they make them to themselves, so go ahead, have them make that teen bucket list as comprehensive as they want it to be.

And whether the list is very serious or full of more fun focused festivities, bucket lists like these are a great way to get kids and teens to start setting exciting goals or thinking about bigger picture plans for their future.

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