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Parenting is one big adventure, and without a proper guide it can be easy to get lost! More often than not, mothers face daily challenges in their efforts to juggle the demands of raising the kids, running the household, and making time for their own personal interests. Faced with new experiences and unsure what to do, sometimes the best advice a mom can get is from other mothers like you! Whether you’re looking for tips on finding a good babysitter or saving while shopping online, every mom seems to have invaluable insight that other parents can benefit from.That is why JumpStart is reaching out to you – because you are exactly who other parents would like to hear from. What advice, tips or stories can you share with fellow JumpStart Moms to help them on adventures of raising a family? Submit your JumpStart Moms article and let our readers benefit from your experience, today!

What Kind of Articles Can I Submit?

JumpStart Moms is a space to share advice about the things that matter most to parents just like you! You can submit an article on any family, parenting or an interesting topic of your choice. Broadly speaking, the JumpStart Moms articles come under the general categories of parenting, health, lifestyle, kids, and holidays. When deciding what to write, choose any topic that is important to you and that you feel qualified to write about. When writing on your topic, try and stay within 450 – 900 words. Then, when you’re comfortable enough with what you’ve written, send it in!

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Tips to Write a JumpStart Moms Article

Here are a few of our top tips to keep in mind while writing your JumpStart Moms article:

  1. Write about a topic that you have direct experience with, and that you feel qualified to write about. It could be about special parenting moments, unforgettable family experiences, or any subject matter that you are an expert on! If there is a recipe or craft that all your friends are asking you about, you can be sure our moms would like to read about it too! Take a few pictures, explain the process and you’ll be on your way to having a great Mom article that readers are sure to love!
  2. Stick to the prescribed word limit. As much as we’d like to hear from you in detail about your topic, we may not have the time to read a five-page essay on it! Try to strike the right balance between being informative and descriptive, yet brief.
  3. Add pictures or videos to make your Mom article interesting. Original videos or pictures related to your topic will make your article even more interesting! Just ensure that the video or picture belongs to you or that you have permission to submit it from the original owner. Also make sure that you are not revealing any personal information that can affect you or your family’s safety online.
  4. Provide structure in your article. You are writing for an unknown audience and trying to capture their interest, so it is always best to follow good writing practices. Consider breaking your article into short paragraphs or include bullet points, numbering and sub-headings wherever necessary to break up the text and assure that your article is an easy read.

How to Submit Your JumpStart Moms Article

Once your article is ready, submitting it is simple! Just draft an email with the subject line ‘Submissions’, and attach your work. In the body of the email, tell us all about you – your family, what you do, whether you’ve been published before, your interests, etc. When you’re done, just send your email directly to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If Your JumpStart Moms Article is Selected

If your JumpStart Moms article is selected, you can expect to hear from us within three to four weeks. And once your article is published on our website, you will receive an email informing you about it.

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