Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Family

The hanging of the holiday stockings is a long held Christmas tradition that spans across different generations. Learn how you can create the perfect Christmas stockings for your kids and loved ones this year with a few of these great tips and stocking stuffer ideas.

"Our Stockings (Santa hadn't stuffed mine yet)" by Melissa Doroquez is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Stuff the hopeful little stockings with goodies!

Before you begin finding the perfect stocking stuffers to complete this seasonal sack of goodies, you’ll need to find a suitable festive stocking. While the most common stockings might be in the color of red and white, more recently, stockings now come in all sizes, colors, textures, material, and styles. Not to mention that they can be found at an array of different stores, ranging from high-end department stores to budget-friendly retailers. Parents who likes to exercise their craftsmanship and creativity might even consider knitting, crocheting, embroidering, or simply decorating their stockings as a unique keepsake to commemorate the holiday season.

Once you have your ideal stockings lined up, you’re ready to start stuffing them with all kinds of holiday surprises. If you’re not sure where to get started, here are a few top stocking stuffer ideas for Christmas -

Craft Supplies or Small Art Kits – small coloring books, a set of colored pencils, or general craft kits available at stores like Wal-Mart, Target, Michael’s, and the likes, are always a pleasant surprise for the artistic kids in your family on Christmas morning. These art supplies also help extend the excitement of the holiday season as it keeps kids engaged, when parents might be working on completing other holiday tasks during this busy time of year.

Baked Goods or Candies – Kids and sweet treats are a classic combo for  any holiday. However, the key to making sure that this tradition does not get out of hand simply comes from making sure that they consume any holiday treats like cookies and candy canes in moderation. If you decide to fill their stockings with more candy than usual, just make sure that your kids don’t devour all of it in one sitting. Precaution of this sort can help prevent your child from getting sick on such a cheerful day as Christmas.

Fashion Accessories – These types of stocking stuffers are not only cute, but they are also useful. At the rate at which kids grow, they could always use a few extra socks, winter scarves, gloves, and other small accessories for the winter season. 

Toys and mini games – Petite-sized toys and games are easy choices that are sure to please your kids. From puzzles to mini Christmas tree growing kits and unique novelty items, toys are a quintessential symbol of the holiday season, and a great way to tell the holiday story of Santa Claus and his elf-filled toy building workshop in the North Pole.

Mini Story Books – Items like this allow parent to promote reading by publicly recognizing books as a valuable gift worth of the holiday season. These stocking stuffers can be used to also kickoff a fun seasonal storytelling tradition with your kids before they go to bed. Ultimately, books are extremely useful when it comes to bringing learning into your home.

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