Stay-at-Home Moms – Blogging Ideas & Tips

These days, stay-at-home moms and blogging seem to go hand-in-hand. With blogs making writers of anyone with access to the internet, it is little surprise that the blogosphere is filled with people of varied interests and backgrounds taking to this platform to express themselves and further explore their interests.

As moms carry out all of their regular responsibilities, there is often little time for anything else. However, given the flexibility of starting your own blog, blogging from home is a great way to keep some time aside for yourself and engage and interact with people with similar interests and experiences. What’s most important, when starting a blog, is that the blog themes and topics be focused on something that’s closest to your heart. You will be more excited about updating the blog regularly when it’s about things that matter most to you.

Even for the most experienced of bloggers, there may be times when you sit down to update your blog, and you draw a blank. If you’re stuck and looking for what you can write about, here are some tips and ideas to keep you going.

Blogging Ideas

  1. Me-Time: How do you spend your me-time? Many moms out there are looking for time away from their regular routine and the hustle of everyday life for a little mommy me-time. Why not write about your favorite indulgences and give other Moms ideas on how they can spend some time doing something for themselves.
  2. Personal Story: A blog is the ideal platform to share moments and matters that have played an important role in your life. There’s nothing like telling your followers a true story that had a deep impact on you. A personal story will make your blog feel more personal and allow you to connect with your readers so that they feel a part of your journey.
  3. Cause or Charity: Devote some part of your blog talking about the causes or charities that you are a part of or that interest you. Blogging is great platform to push other people into taking action and making a difference. After all, the internet is probably the best way to spread important messages and reach out to as many people as possible.
  4. Achievements: Relate a story of your triumph. Tell the world about a goal or dream of yours and tell your readers how you achieved it. Highlight the difficulties and obstacles that you had to overcome in order to achieve what you did. People with shared struggles might even benefit from your insight.
  5. Best Mommy Moment: There must have been one moment or incident as a Mom that you will never forget. A moment that made you both proud and happy. Share that moment with your readers. This is also a great way to remind you of the joys of motherhood and a quick opportunity for you to relive the moment.
  6. Toughest Mom Day: Motherhood throws up unique challenges every once in a while. Why not spend some time talking about some of the more difficult obstacles that you had to face. Stories like these will strike a chord with other Moms who can try and reach out to you or learn from your experience.
  7. Favorite Mom-Child Activities: How do you bond with your kids? What are the activities that you and the kids indulge in together and enjoy the most? From ideas on Mommy-daughter activities to fun ways in which you can keep the little ones engaged and entertained, you can suggest ideas for parents to increase bonding and better connect with their kids.
  8. Reviews and Giveaways: Review products that you and your family use. This can help other Moms and families to make their choices as well. From reviewing games and toys that you buy for your kids to healthy snacks that you encourage your kids to have, you can share everything. Additionally, giveaways are a great way to attract more followers and readers.
  9. Pictures: Post pictures of you, your family, or your kids and narrate the story revolving around the picture. Putting faces to names will make readers feel as though they know you personally. After all, some pictures speak more than words.
  10. Advice: As a Mom, there are many lessons that you learn. Your experiences and learning make you a great candidate for advice. Share what you’ve learnt and give advice to others that will help others who may be facing similar situations or have the same confusions and questions.

Get blogging immediately and share your stories with the world! The tips and ideas mentioned above are sure to inspire you to keep up the great work.

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