Spring Styles for Mom

Spring styles help moms and any forward thinking ‘fashionistas’ adapt to the changing trends on the runway and in the weather. Brighter days and warmer climates are perfect for trying out new looks and revamping the wardrobe, but for moms this isn’t always the top priority. From running the household to managing school schedules, the responsibilities and daily to-dos can be a seemingly endless list where fashion is the least of the worries. Allow yourself to have fun this spring by defining a unique seasonal look that is fully in line with some of the most happening styles!

"Forever Yours Lingerie & LUCY Clothing at the West Coast Women's Show" by Fraser Valley Pulse & Metro Vancouver Pulse is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Here are a few must-have items and tips to help ease the process for expressing your unique take on festive fashions -

  • Tailored cropped pants: Pants are year round pieces, but in spring you can easily get away with pulling up the hemlines. Cropped pants or even capris are popular choices to pair with wedges or espadrilles this season. You might even turn to tapered or narrow cuts to help highlight your shoe choice.
  • Maxi dresses: Versatile, these popular dresses can transition from casual to semi formal, depending on the occasion. Pair the dress with heels and a light sweater and you’ll have a spring look that all the other moms at your PTA meeting will envy and be quick to follow.
  • Airy materials: Look to chiffon or lace for billowy tops or cute and classically cut dresses. When the weather warms, these lighter materials can help keep mom cool and collected as she goes about her busy schedule.
  • Sunglasses and spring hats: Many moms will find themselves outdoors more often in spring. Whether at sporting events supporting the kids or simply running around on errands, it is important for mom to remember to protect herself from the sun. Having a go to sun hat or pair of sunglasses is definitely a must in pulling together a polished look.
  • Lighter tones: Brighten up your look with light colored pieces in ivory, cream, pastels, and blush tones. Not only do they provide a softer look, but they also absorb less heat than the darker shades.
  • Floral patterns: Reflect the world around you and pick up a few bold patterns on a few signature pieces. From skirts and dresses to pants and tanks, floral prints are quintessentially spring. Incorporating brightly colored patterns are perfect for creating an eye catching new look.

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