Spring Flower Craft

The spring season is upon us, so it is time for some spring crafts to get your children involved in creative activities. Make a spring flower bouquet to decorate around your home and encourage your child to use their imaginative minds to make colorful creations.

Materials you will need:

  • Coffee filters
  • Paper plate
  • Water
  • Watercolor paints
  • Paintbrushes
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Scissors


  • Separate the coffee filters.
  • Using the watercolor paints, paint two inches deep into the coffee filters.
  • Let the coffee filters dry.
  • Fold the coffee filters in half. Using the scissors, cut a semicircle in the white parts of the coffee filter. Also, cut out petal shapes in the coffee filters. Unfold the coffee filter.
  • Pierce holes in the coffee filters, and string them through a pipe cleaner. Please refer to the image below.
  • Valentines

This craft is simple and easy, and it is a great opportunity for your child to learn about different facts about the spring season. Use this craft time as a learning time as well, and encourage your children to use different colors, shapes, and designs as they create their flower bouquets.

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