Spring Cleaning – 7 Quick & Easy Tips for Moms

Unless you love playing around with dust bunnies and chemicals, spring cleaning isn’t something you look forward to with bated breath. Things can certainly get messy with kids getting under your feet while you are trying to vacuum the attic. Thankfully, there are ways to make spring cleaning a little less daunting and a lot more manageable by having the kids help out. Want to know how? Read on.

7 Ways your Kids can Help with Spring Cleaning

    Spring Cleaning Tips for Moms
  1. The refrigerator: Have them remove all the food. If your kids are old enough, they can wipe down all the drawers and shelves or you can do it for them. While you’re at it, ask them to check the labels on all packages and sort out the expired items.
  2. The yard: Younger kids can help out with this one. Get them to plant seeds into that hole you just dug and maybe even dig the hole themselves. Later, they can help with the weeding and watering. Give them their own flowerbed or vegetable patch to look after – that will give them a sense of ownership and they will do this chore with pride. After this, you can take the yard off your list of spring cleaning to-do list!
  3. The bedrooms: Have them pick up all the stuff from the floor and from under the beds and put it away. They can also collect the pillow cases and sheets and put them in the laundry basket. Let the kids help you dust out the corners and straighten everything out.
  4. Walls and surfaces: Give them a pail of soapy water and a soft sponge to clean the walls, cupboard doors and kitchen surfaces. They’ll love the chance to get wet and dirty and play around with water, and ‘help’ you out in the bargain. Later, of course, they can clean up the mess they created!
  5. Loose change: Plan a loose change treasure hunt for your kids. Have them look for it all over the house – in pockets, drawers, behind sofa cushions, under car seats, wherever you can think of. Ask them to count the denominations and add up the total. They can put this unexpected windfall in their respective piggy banks or buy small treats with it.
  6. Spring Cleaning with Kids
  7. Dust bunnies: Looking for ways to clean the floors? Get your kids to wear old socks and walk around the house gathering those pesky dust bunnies. Give a prize to the one who can find the largest one. Just have a trash bag handy to collect the dust bunnies and make sure all sharp objects are safely out of the way.
  8. Clothes and toys: Have them collect all their toys and sort them into two piles – toys they play with and toys they don’t play with. Later, recycle or donate the unwanted toys. The same goes for all those clothes they have no use for and are never going to wear again.

Spring cleaning with kids might take a little longer but they’re learning some very valuable skills in the bargain. You need to be patient, positive and encouraging, but most of all, don’t forget to have fun. After all, you’re also creating some sweet memories!

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