Spring Break 2013 - Top 4 Activities for Kids

For many, spring comes as a welcome relief after the monotonous effects of winter weather and the overall slower pace of the passing season! The arrival of spring marks the perfect time for parents to take advantage of the increasingly warm weather and plan some fun activities for the whole family to enjoy. Why not make spring break more memorable for you and your kids this year by taking part in some exciting seasonal activities?

Top 4 Spring Activities for Kids

Here are 4 spring activities that your kids are bound to enjoy:

  1. Connecting with nature

    English poet, William Wordsworth had the right idea when he stated – let nature be your teacher. As the season unfolds, give your child the opportunity to be immersed in the great outdoors and plan activities that allow them to learn how to identify trees, plants, birds, or even flowers. You will be surprised by how much they enjoy the sights and sounds of Mother Nature. If possible, you might even take the family out for an exploratory walk or give kids a space where they can grow some plants and learn to take care of them.

    The benefits - Children are born naturalists and might learn more about biology, botany, natural history, ecology and conservation in the great outdoors than in stuffy classrooms or science labs. Additionally, the inviting spring weather is perfect for exploring outdoors.

  2. Camping

    Camping is generally regarded as a summer activity, but that does not mean that you should rule out trips to camp for your kids in the spring. In fact, there are a number of benefits to enrolling in sleep away or day camps before the summer rush – fewer crowds, cheaper fees, fewer bugs, more moderate weather, and the list goes on.

    The benefits - Studies have shown that kids often come back from camp with enhanced health and well being, higher self-esteem, greater independence and leadership skills, increased awareness about the environment, and a wide range of new ideas and interests. Camping is an exciting way for kids to spend spring break.

  3. Playing outdoor games

    Spring is a good time to encourage your kids, especially the younger ones, to play outdoors, and unplug from the television and internet. With the improved weather, it is almost as if the fresh air, clear skies and warm sunshine are just begging you to step outside. Kids could play hopscotch, tag or ball along with their siblings or make friends with other neighborhood kids.

    The benefits - Setting time aside to encourage outdoor play gives kids the ability to get in regular exercise and stay active. Playing a simple game of tag or ball on a regular basis could help them stay fit and at their healthiest.

  4. Spring cleaning

    Kids do not always love cleaning, so consider making a game out of the activity or speeding up the process by adding in a simple incentive at the end, like a sweet treat. By changing up the usual routine of cleaning and chores, kids will love to participate in this traditional spring activity. Have kids start by gathering any seldom used toys, clothes or books. These can be given away to your favorite charity or donated to other local organizations.

    The benefits - Spring cleaning helps you de-clutter the home, give to those in need and teach your kids the importance of charity and keeping a clean house.

This spring, let your child experience the joys of childhood with these top spring break activities!

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