Scrapbooking to Save those Special Memories

With so many wonderful events occurring during the winter season, you might want to capture all of the precious memories that you shared with your family and friends.  However, there are times when photographs alone fail to embody the spirit of each joyous occasion.  In this case, scrapbooking can be a fun way to preserve special moments with loved ones while providing your family with a fun activity to do together.

To get started, gather supplies to make the scrapbook. The first item on the list will be an album to hold all of the pictures. Select the ideal-sized album that fits the color scheme of your chosen theme. Next, find refill pages for the album. Since there is no standard size for refill pages, buy extra pages so you can use them in the future. Purchase cardstock and patterned paper that fit the scrapbook’s overall theme. A sharp pair of scissors will be necessary to cut the various types of cardstock used for the scrapbook. Use an acid-free adhesive that will work well on cardstock and not damage photographs. Make sure it is a strong adhesive so the scrapbook does not fall apart over time. Finally, use pens with a fine tip for journaling in the pages. With these items in hand, you can begin your scrapbook.

After taking mountains of photographs, sort through the images to find the right ones for the scrapbook. Try using patterned scissors to give the pictures a cool look, and maybe you can create your own border with some glitter and construction paper. Turn this task into a fun family event by giving everyone different pictures to look through. While everyone is sorting, your family will be able to reminisce about their favorite moments or laugh over funny moments that were shared. Once the right photographs have been chosen for the scrapbook, decide what order they will be placed in. You can choose to do this chronologically, thematically, or categorized otherwise.

Visual aesthetics are only half of the scrapbook, so once this part is complete, you may want to begin adding notes, captions, and other writing to finish the scrapbook.  Jot down favorite memories, quotes from family members, or anything else that captures the essence of each image. Similar to sorting through the pictures, this can be a time where the family can gather to reflect on the holiday season and spend more time together.

One of the benefits of scrapbooking is that it can be more than compiling pictures into an album. A finished scrapbook can house memories for years. However, the time shared making the scrapbook with your loved ones will be special enough to warrant its own keepsake.

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