Top 3 School Holiday Party Ideas

When you are a child (or even as a grown-up), the holidays are an amazingly magical time centering on fun, family, gifts, food and celebrations. If your kids go to school, you are probably familiar with the parties that schools routinely organize to celebrate upcoming holidays. Next time you are forced to start planning for a school holiday party and can’t decide on what to contribute, consider a new approach. Here are some great school holiday party ideas to help your child and their friends have only the fondest of school memories.

School Holiday Party Ideas – 3 Quick Tips

School Holiday Party Ideas
"rainbow fruit skewers" by mazaletel is licensed under CC BY 2.0

  • Healthy Treats

    Sure, most kids absolutely adore snacking on sugar-loaded party treats like rock candy , but that isn’t always the healthiest option. In fact, kids might actually enjoy a healthy menu as long as it is colorful, varied and tastes good. Just sneak in a couple of delicious treats such as homemade brownies to a generally healthy spread of food and the kids won’t even notice. You’ll also find that most parents will be happy to go along with this great school holiday party idea. Some interesting ideas might include:

    • Homemade popcorn in decorative paper cups or movie theatre style bags
    • Fresh fruit in waffle cones or cupcake wrappers
    • Strawberries dipped in dark chocolate
    • Berries topped with a dollop of fresh whipped cream
  • Charity Event

    Holidays are your chance to turn your child’s school parties into more than just a fun event. Incorporate a charity component to your plans and ensure that the kids learn to give back. Not only will they have a good time doing this, this is also the part they are likely to talk about long after the sugary treats have been forgotten. Make it meaningful with these ideas:

    • Encourage each student to come to the event with one item that goes into a gift basket for families in need and group the students to handle delivering the items during the holiday season.
    • Invite families to brings gifts fro kids in a nearby low-income school or hospital.
    • Have all students design and create holiday cards for the local orphanage or for serving military overseas that are away from their loved ones during the holidays.
    • Task each child to bring toiletries to donate to the local homeless shelter.
  • Recycled Crafts

    Kids with a penchant for collecting and hoarding pieces of ‘junk’ are sure to love this idea. For the school holiday party, have each student bring in ‘trash’ that can be crafted into decorative or useful stuff they can take home. Besides the positive impact on the environment, this activity can be made into a fun learning experience for kids. Here are some fun ideas for turning recyclable goods into art:

    • Paper towel rolls can be converted into seasonal character figurines
    • Paper bags can be cut to size and converted into pretty fans or puppets
    • Paper bags can be recycled into cute paper bracelets and flaunted by the kids who made them.

    Take advantage of these interesting school holiday party ideas and turn your child’s next holiday party into the most talked-about event of the school year!

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