Saving on Back to School Shopping

There is no escaping those foot-long lists that teachers send out when the kids are back-to-school. From must-haves to recommended, every small thing finds its way on that list. If you are already dreading those bills, here are some ways that you can save on all the back-to-school shopping.

Start Saving Early

How to Save on Back to School Shopping – Tips & Tricks

  1. Take Stock
    You’ll be surprised at how much you can actually find right there at home. Rummage through those shelves and check every corner of your kids’ rooms. From a pair of scissors that are still sharp to pencils and erasers, there’s a lot that can be carried forward into the new school year. Once you've taken stock of what you already have, cross those items off the back-to-school checklist. There, the list already seems less intimidating, doesn't it?
  2. Go Mobile
    At this time of the year, every discount that you get is important. So if it means getting a little tech-savvy, then so be it. Many stores offer additional discounts for just downloading or logging in to their mobile app. So pick up those smart phones and put them to good use!
  3. Deals and Coupons
    Since it’s back-to-school shopping time, most stores are offering attractive deals. Track all the Sunday inserts and make a note of all the sales that are happening or are about to start. As cumbersome as it might sound, be thorough with filing and saving all your coupons . A little time invested on these acts will go a long way in helping you save some precious bucks when you head out with your kids and that list of supplies.
  4. Stick to Your List
    If your kids are in tow, sticking to this list may be harder than you imagined. Go prepared with a list in hand and stick to items that are on your list. There may be attractive offers on other items, but if your kids don’t really need those items, it’s not worth it. The basics and essentials cost enough. Don’t run up the totals by picking up other things.
  5. Best Back-to-School Deals
  6. Stick to Your Budget
    Today’s kids are spoilt for choice. For something as simple as pencils, a mere glance will tell you that the variety is endless. Stores display attractive and cute stationery that your kids are immediately going to lean towards. Of course, all those pretty things come at a cost. Always remember – it’s not about the looks. If you want to save on your back-to-school shopping, pick a product that will last your kids long and do its job well. All the embellishments will unnecessarily put a dent in your pocket.
  7. Buy in Bulk
    A good way to save on back to school shopping is by buying in large numbers. You could discuss with your family friends or parents of your kids’ friends and buy supplies in bulk. Split the supplies and the bill among all of you and you’ll realize that you’ve ended up spending a lot less when compared to how much you would've spent had you gone out shopping alone.
  8. Exchange Offer
    No, you do not have to head out to any store and look for exchange offers. Kids grow at a rapid pace, and even clothes that they have not worn often are useless once they outgrow them. This is where being in a moms group can be beneficial. Arrange for a meeting among all the moms and you can barter stuff that you don’t need for what you do want. Now, that certainly seems like a good deal and will save you a lot!

These 7 simple tips can go a long way in helping you save while you shop. Be sure about what you really need and take utmost advantage of all the deals that are being offered. You will be thankful for all the effort you put in when you find out how much you managed to save!

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