Putting Together the Perfect Easter Basket

Are your kids eagerly awaiting their Easter baskets this year? As every parent knows, that thoughtful bunny really could do with some help. If you don’t want your kids ending up with too much candy or toys that they won’t get much use, you will need to plan for your kids Easter baskets well in advance. Here are some ideas on how you can put together that perfect Easter basket for the season!

Easter basket
Planning an Easter Basket!
"Easter baskets" by Caitlin Regan is licensed under CC BY 2.0

What to include in the Easter basket -

Easter baskets can include just about anything, but there are a few items that tradition calls for repeating each year. Here are the Easter basket staples you must include:

Easter grass – You can buy these at the store, or save money and the environment by making your own at home with scraps of paper. This is just filling for the base of the basket.

Easter eggs – Decorating Easter eggs is a common tradition in many families, and these eggs are perfect for including in your Easter basket. Instead of spending money on Easter egg decoration kits, you can use simple home techniques to make fantastic Easter eggs. An alternative to decorated eggs is buying Easter egg chocolates or plastic eggs to fill your basket.

Candy – Of course you can opt for a candy-free Easter basket, but you’re pretty likely to end up with one disappointed kid or two. Candies are an expected part of every Easter basket. Easter-themed candies in the shape of bunnies and eggs are a favorite choice for including in any basket. Robin Eggs, jellybeans, Cadbury Eggs, Peeps and chocolate rabbits are a few examples of candies to include. Add to these a few all-time favorites that you know your child loves - Snickers, M&Ms, Twix and Hershey’s Kisses are a few options you could consider. If you’d like to cut down on the sugar without cutting back on the edible treats, include healthy snacks like oatmeal cookies and granola bars.

Outdoor toys – With summer vacation close at hand, you’re probably hoping that your child will get outdoors more often and learn to have some fun in the sun. Why not encourage healthy playing habits with a few outdoor toys? You can include pool toys like a water gun or toys like a jump rope or a Frisbee to get your child involved in active play.

Easter tips
Outdoor plans for Easter!
"Easter Basket" by Flashy Soup Can is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Toys that encourage creativity – Your child would probably love to see figurines of her favorite cartoon characters in their Easter basket, but that doesn’t always mean it’s the best choice. More likely than not, she will tire of it in weeks. Encourage creative play by gifting your child toys like sidewalk chalk , puppets, craft supplies or finger paint.

Toys that encourage healthy habits – If your child shows an interest in gardening, gift him or her some new gardening tools. If you notice that they have a knack for making things with their hands, why not gift some play dough or wooden blocks? Encourage your child’s untapped interests with a few thoughtful toys in the Easter basket.

Educational toys – Story books, jigsaw puzzles or a Rubik’s cube are more examples of fun toys that your child will easily benefit from playing with well after the season is through.

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