Post Super Bowl Workouts – Lose Weight and Get Fit

For some, the Super Bowl is all about friends, family and football. For the rest of us, it’s about friends, family, football and food - lots and lots of it. If you belong to the latter category, the post-football season can be a time of regret after consuming all those nachos and other not so healthy football friendly foods. That very feeling is just why you might want to kick-start your fitness routine at some point after the big game. In fact, many would-be weight watchers exceed their daily calorie limit by approximately 1200 calories during the game and in post-game celebrations. Get back in control of your body and diet with these quick ‘n’ easy workouts to lose weight and get fit.

"Jogging Couple" by Ed Yourdon is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Post-Super Bowl Workouts to Lose Weight

Take a hike

This may not sound too impressive, but walking is a great low-impact cardio workout to get those calories burning. Whether it’s a quick 10 minute ‘round the block or an hour-long adventure in the park, walking with family or friends can help you get your metabolism going to burn some of the extra weight that you might have put on during football season. Take it a step further and make it a post-Super Bowl tradition.

Go jogging

If walking’s too slow for you, try jogging instead. Jogging is known to boost the metabolism, helping you burn calories at a faster rate. It also helps you achieve a firm and toned physique that will be the envy of all your fellow weight watchers! Jogging also happens to be one of the most effective ways of burning fat around the abdomen and the hips. But more than anything else, jogging will improve your post-Super Bowl fitness and endurance – your overall capacity for work and help you lead a healthy active life. There’s really nothing like jogging to lose weight and live better!


If you think this is childish, you have another thought coming. Hula hooping is a complete cardiovascular workout to tone your abdominals, burn fat and lose weight. Besides, it also helps relieve the discomfort you experience after a heavy meal or a bout of Super Bowl binge eating. It’s like this – the repetitive movement of your abdomen and hips massage your internal organs and reduce intestinal blockage so that you no longer have that ‘stuffed’ feeling. Thirty minutes of hula hooping can go a long way in starting to lose some of that Super Bowl-induced weight.

In addition to these workouts, pay attention to your diet – cut down on alcohol, drink more water and stock up on the veggies and lean meats. Eating right is important especially when you are working out. After all, fitness is as much about diet as it is about exercise!

Above all, stop feeling guilty or regretful. Instead, use these great workout ideas to lose weight and stick to your healthy lifestyle goals.

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