Popular Spring Community Activities

After spending what feels like an eternity indoors during the winter, spring is the perfect time for people start celebrating the warmer weather with outdoor activities and community events. Do some research into what is happening in your neck of the woods and get your family together for a few of these popular springtime activities.

Community Gardens | Block Parties | Earth Day Celebrations | Outdoor Festivals

Community Gardens

With more and more people choosing to shop local and do their part for the environment, it is becoming common for communities to band together and create local gardening projects. Whether in urban or suburban areas, community gardens help areas offset their carbon footprint by creating locally grown produce. If you do not already have a shared community garden in your local area, you might consider starting one with your family or group of friends, this spring. Gardening is a fun activity that can help better connect you to people in your community.

Block Parties

Block parties bring neighborhoods together, so that families like yours can get to know other members of their community and create new bonds. Typically, the warmer spring weather is ideal for gathering everyone outdoors for a party filled with good food, relaxing music and exciting activities. This spring your kids and neighbors might benefit from a delicious potluck or outdoor BBQ to help generate more conversation around the community.

Earth Day Celebrations

Earth Day happens to fall into the spring season, occurring on April 22. Show your community how much you care about the environment by getting your friends and neighbors involved in some popular Earth Day celebrations or activities. You might consider teaching your friends and neighbors more about recycling and composting or start by planning an event to plant a few trees in a local park. Plan your own celebration or do some research to find out what might already be going on in your area on Earth Day.

Outdoor Festivals

Due to the rising temperatures and longer periods of daylight in the spring, outdoor festivals, fairs, or markets are also very popular community events. Consider planning a small local event of your choosing or look to ones that are already planned in your area. Gathering groups of people over a shared interest can be a great way of connecting with people in your community that you might have otherwise never known.

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