Popular Christmas Gifts for Kids

Christmas is just a few days away and all the kids you know have already drawn up their wish lists. But some items could be too expensive; others unsuitable or hard to get. Choosing and buying gifts for 5-15 year olds can be a daunting last-minute task if you haven’t done your homework or successfully accomplished the task before. Put Santa out of the competition with this holiday gift guide for Christmas gifts for kids.

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Christmas gifts that are popular with children

Best Christmas Gifts for Kids - 5-10 year olds

Kids in this age group usually know what they want and are articulate enough to give you a little insight into their desired Christmas presents. There is, of course, a huge variation in tastes – some elementary school aged students, for instance, are fascinated by fantasy and sci-fi themed toys; some appreciate DIY, knitting or arts and crafts sets; others would like nothing better than sports gear like baseball bats or skateboards for Christmas.

Peer pressures about what’s cool and what’s not tend to influence kids’ choices, so you might want to go along and buy them 2013’s ‘must-have’ toys and games. But, on the other hand, you could also take the long term view and buy them stuff they will play with for months or even years. Some of these more classic gifts for kids include:

  • A new scooter or bike
  • A dolls’ house or wooden castle (complete with furniture, furnishings and inhabitants)
  • Popular board games like Monopoly, Scrabble, Risk and Pictionary

Buying a classic gift for kids ensures that it won’t be cast aside in a couple of weeks or when the related fad dies down. But the best way to ensure your gift is used and appreciated is to ask your child what he really wants. That way they can help you navigate through some of the guesswork. 

Best Christmas Gifts for Kids – 11-15 year olds

Tweens and young teens can be even tougher to shop for, as far as Christmas gifts are concerned; most 11-15 year olds will only appreciate getting things they want to get themselves. The easy and thoughtful solution is to ask your child (or whoever it is you’re buying the gift for) what his or her favorite store is and go from there. Here are some popular ideas for gifts for kids in the tween and young teen range:

  • Sports gear or games
  • Cameras or tech related gadgets like smart phones
  • Clothing and accessories

You’re sure to score major cool mom (or dad) points with any of these awesome Christmas gifts for kids!

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