Pool Safety Tips for The Family

How does taking a refreshing dip in the pool sound to you? Do your kids spend time in the water as if their lives depended on it? Although the scorching summer heat makes the pool seem much more appealing than ever, there are aspects to this activity that can be considered life-threatening. Learn more about pool safety tips for your family by reading the following article. Find ways to ensure that your family can have fun and be safe at the same time.

Pool Safety Tips for the Family
Have fun and be safe at the same time

Using- the Pool – Who, What, When

Always ensure that entry to the pool is restricted and regulated at all times. Install a fence or a gate around the pool and create a system that notifies you if anyone is using the pool. You could choose to install an alarm on the gate, or simply make it a rule that no one goes in the pool without letting you know first. This will help you monitor who is using the pool at all times to ensure further safety.


While we may not have the luxury of appointing trained lifeguards at all times, adult supervision is still important while kids are using the pool. Even if some kids are considered skilled swimmers, they should never be left unattended. For children under the age of 5, make it a habit to ensure that they are at least an arm’s distance away from an adult. Any child can drown without notice, so make sure that whoever is supervising does not get distracted easily. Lastly, make sure that whoever is supervising is an excellent swimmer, aware of where all the necessary first-aid supplies are located, and capable of handling emergency situations.

Pool Equipment – Covers, Toys, Filters

Ensure that everything about the pool is in top working condition. Faulty equipment can potentially lead to accidents. Make sure to always repair anything that appears to be broken. In addition, maintain a schedule to check if everything is functioning correctly on a regular basis.

When the pool is not in use, make sure that the pool cover is on. When the pool is not being used, do not have the cover partially on. While toys and other floatation devices can make pool activities more fun, ensure that they are all cleared off when the pool is not in use. If not functioning properly, pool drains can trap items in the pool and cause accidents.

Swimming Pool First Aid Kit

Have a meeting with your family and discuss what you all might find to be useful for putting together a First aid kit. Keep the First Aid kit close within easy reach for anyone using the pool. Sit down with your family, take their opinion of what should go in the kit, and then discuss where the kit should be located.


While there may not always be lifeguards on duty, there should be at least one adult with basic training in CPR. Research has shown that an increasing number of kids are facing fatal accidents in the pool. Go the extra mile and make sure that there is at least one adult who is capable of performing CPR when needed.

Other Important Tips

  • Keep electrical and electronic devices away from the pool.
  • Ensure that the pool is cleaned on a regular basis. Dirty pool water can breed bacteria and cause illnesses.
  • Keep lifejackets or tubes handy in case kids want to use them in the water.

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