Parenting with the PTA – It’s Time to Get Involved!

As all moms know, parenting is a full-time job. Moms are babysitters, laundry attendants, playmates, nurses, chefs, housekeepers, teachers and chauffeurs all rolled into one. But good parenting also demands that you be more involved in your child’s education. One of the easiest ways of doing this is to join and become an active member of the PTA. If you think that the PTA is synonymous with just bake sales and car pools, you’re way off the mark. Today’s PTA is a lot more than that.

PTA and parenting

Parenting with the PTA – It’s Time to Get Involved!

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Parenting with the PTA – What it’s all about

The PTA – Parent-Teacher Association - plays a very important role in your child’s education. This is a support group that voices the concerns of parents and children to the school, the community, the government and other decision-making authorities. It helps moms and dads raise and safeguard their children and encourages parental involvement in education. Becoming a PTA member is one of the best things you can do for your child.

Parenting with the PTA – Why you should join

Here are some of the obvious and not-so-obvious benefits of becoming a PTA member:

  • Research shows that children whose parents are active stakeholders in their schools tend to have higher grades, attendance, rate of graduation and better behavior.
  • As a member of the PTA, you become an active participant in your child’s academic environment and get a valuable opportunity to interact with his teachers, fellow students and other parents.
  • You receive regular insider information on school policies, activities and proposed changes or developments.
  • The PTA is a great platform for discussing your child’s problems or concerns at school. This is particularly helpful if the concern needs to be addressed by the local, state or national government – in such cases, your PTA could bring it to the attention of the national PTA.
  • PTA membership entitles you to several resources for parenting, education and more.
  • You get an opportunity to learn about the government’s educational policies, funding and several other issues that concern your child’s school.
  • All PTA member parents are entitled to a discount subscription to Our Children, a National PTA journal that addresses students’ health and safety concerns, family issues and news about government legislation and the work and activities of local as well as national PTA.

Parenting with the PTA – Things you could do

First off, you need to decide how involved you want or can afford to be. Depending on this, you can help your PTA with one or more of the following tasks:

Volunteer for events

PTA events such as school holiday parties, bingo nights or field trips can always do with extra help. If your work schedule isn’t very flexible, try volunteering for evening or weekend events where you can contribute without cutting into work hours. It might even be worthwhile to take an occasional day off to bond with your child’s school community.

Volunteer for non-event work

Moms with unforgiving schedules can opt for non-event duties that do not require you to go to the school. Try volunteering as the PTA secretary, bookkeeper or treasurer or help out with the PTA website and newsletter. See if you can use any of your talents to help lighten the PTA’s workload.

Be a fundraiser

One of the most important tasks of the PTA is to raise money for school projects and better amenities. As a member, you can simply write a check and make their job easier, even if you can’t help out physically. Remember to write an email or note of thanks to go with the money!

Parenting with the PTA is a valuable investment in your child’s future. Make sure you’re involved!

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