Parenting Tips: Homework Help for Kids

Looking for a way to help your kids learn how to study? Helping your kids with homework after school can often benefit them, both in and out of the classroom. Homework assignments allow kids to practice training that they learned in school while preparing them for more advanced lesson plans for the future. Educational exercises integrated in kids’ homework can often help them understand that there are real world applications for the subjects that they study in school like math, the language arts, or science.

When parents take the time to help their kids with homework, they are given the opportunity to touch base with what their kids are learning in school and spend a few extra hours each day bonding with them. Give your kids the jumpstart they need for the classroom by helping them learn how to study better by utilizing some of our top study tips on providing homework help for kids.

  • Create a Routine: For kids, having some sort of structure to each day can help them focus their energy on getting tasks like homework completed. To help your kids complete their school assignments in a timely manner, consider assigning certain hours in the day to allocate toward doing homework. It might also be helpful to have them write their assignments down in an agenda book or schedule.
  • Make yourself available: Depending on the age of your kids, your involvement with their homework can vary. Younger kids might require more help understanding concepts without the help of their teachers. Regardless of age, make sure that kids know that you are available to help them if they need advice or any additional homework help. Expressing interest in what they are doing can help increase your kid’s interest in the work as well. Just remember that your role is to guide them and not do the work for them.
  • Have an assigned study area: Having a well lit area or desk to work at with all the necessary school supplies can help build a proper homework routine and help kids complete their work in an efficient manner. That way, kids are encouraged to stay focused on what they are doing and learn to associate that area with doing school work.
  • Do away with distractions: One way to help kids stay on task while doing homework assignments is by eliminating any major distractions. Encourage them to stay away from checking social media sites, watching TV, playing video games, or starting activities that will push homework down their list of priorities. They will be surprised at how quickly they can finish their work if they are not distracted by other types of media.
  • Provide an incentive: Providing an end goal can encourage kids to stay on task and help with homework as it can help them associate this finished task with something they really enjoy. Consider giving them some extra online or TV time as a reward for completed work. And, be sure to check their work to assure that they are not haphazardly speeding through their homework to seek the reward.
  • Study Treat: There is nothing wrong with giving them a little extra brain power with a ‘pick-me-up’. Some fruit, vegetables and ranch, brownies or cookies, or even a cheese stick will help them perk up and get them engaged in their homework.
  • Test Studying: If you know there is a test coming up, help your kid out by creating an at-home test for your kid to take. Look over the material, and write up a quick test to assess how your kid is studying and where they need to improve for the test.

When in settings outside of the classroom, it can be difficult for kids to remain focused on learning. Use these helpful parenting tips to keep your kids on task if they sometimes struggle with school assignments at home. Utilizing these study tips can be just what they need to feel more confident and comfortable in the classroom!

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