Packing Healthy Lunch Options for Kids

How often do you find mushy and browned bananas squished in the bottom your child’s school bag? If you are a parent of a kid, you are probably familiar with the sight of mushy bananas, moldy sandwiches and other damaged lunchbox items in the nooks and crannies of your kid’s backpack. Before you give them a lecture for not eating their lunch properly, place yourself in their shoes and ask yourself this – can you eat the same food for lunch over and over again?

Healthy Lunch Options for Kids
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How to Maintain the Balance between Nutritional Values and Variety of Food Items?

While it is important to fill your child’s lunchbox with nutritious food, it is equally crucial to consider variety in your selection too. Because regardless of the health benefits, eating the same food every day is sure going to bore your kid, who will eventually refuse to eat the dull options.

Here are a few lunchbox options that may help you find the balance between variety and nutrition:

  • Bite-size Wonders – Did you try all sorts of sandwich fillings but your kid still refuses to eat his or her lunch? It is probably the sight of the same old sandwich in the lunchbox that puts him off even before he bites into it. Instead of wrapping the sandwich with cling film, try cutting the sandwich into little bite-size pieces and put toothpicks through at the top to keep it in place. You can also opt for the use of cookie cutters for more visual appeal.
  • Same Stuff, New Packaging – If the sight of the same old sandwich is what’s disrupting your kid’s appetite, this idea is likely to help too. Replace the bread with bagels, pitta bread, wraps, hot cross buns, sandwich crackers, etc. The new look will be make the whole package more refreshing. Add some unusual wrappings for more appeal.
  • Leftovers – Try making extra food for tonight’s dinner. Lunchboxes don't have to be limited to sandwiches and fruits. Roasted chicken, sausages and eggs, quiche, etc., are also great lunchbox options for kids. All you have to do in the morning is put the leftovers in the microwave for a minute or two, and it is ready to be served!
  • Healthy Lunch Options for Kids
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  • Surprise Surprise – The element of surprise is sure going to encourage your kid to look forward to lunch time every day. For example, try replacing plain butter with mashed pumpkins, sweet potatoes, avocadoes, eggs, or bananas! This will definitely stimulate their taste buds, leaving them amazed and in awe.
  • Lend a Helping Hand – Ask your child to help you with the preparation of the lunchbox. Your kid’s contribution will give him or her a sense of accomplishment, which will increase the likelihood of consumption. Prepare several bowls that are filled with healthy snacks, like fruits, cheese sticks, multigrain biscuits, dry fruits, etc., and let your child decide what to include in his or her lunchbox.

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