Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Halloween is believed to be that time of the year when spooky surprises lead to frighteningly fun times for kids and some adults. While some believe the origin of this holiday to be rooted in the observance of All Saints Day, it has become through the years a day of family, friends, and seasonal celebration. While there are many myths regarding the observance of Halloween throughout the years, its mysterious nature might explain, in part, why Halloween décor is defined by scary and often dark styles.

In countries that observe this fall holiday, including the United States, it is customary for families to decorate their front door, porch and lawns with spooky styles that involve eerie bats, googly-eyed pumpkin monsters, or other creepy crafts for Halloween. Here are some totally wacky ideas for outdoor Halloween decorations.

Creepy Wreath to Decorate the Front Door on Halloween

This is certainly a popular outdoor decoration idea for Halloween. Get hold of some black acrylic paints, paint brushes, vinyl snakes, and a base for your wreath. Paint the snakes and the wreath in black acrylic and let them dry. When you’re ready attach coiled snake decorations to the wreath ( in case of flat snakes, twist floral wires around at the two ends and secure them at back) and put up the snake wreath on your main door to welcome Halloween guests with a seasonal ‘hiss’ instead of a ‘hi’!

Halloween Porch Decoration
"Porch Spider" by PunkToad is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Halloween Décor for the Porch

Bats cut out from black cards, tree branches, and artificial ravens make great Halloween porch decorations. However, eerie looking pumpkins beat all Halloween décor when it comes to a festive looking porch! Very carefully, slide a knife across the head of the pumpkin to cut out a round patch. Remove it slowly and scoop out the seeds before you start carving. Download a free pumpkin pattern and paste it onto the pumpkin. Trace and then cut out eyes, nose, and mouth according to the pattern and peel it off carefully and neatly after you’re done carving out the parts. Place many of these pumpkins at different heights on your porch and make it look seriously creepy!

Halloween Lawn Decoration
"Halloween Frankenstein Graveyard" by kinwart is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Ideas to Decorate the Lawn on Halloween

This is, by far, the easiest Halloween décor for your lawn! Pick up a few monster statues from a party supply or home décor store. Scatter them on your lawn to scare visitors out of their wits! To make it even spookier, place artificial cobwebs and dimly lit lanterns near the statues to set a more eerie mood as people approach your house during the Halloween Season!

If you plan to host a Halloween party this year, these types of decoration ideas are sure to cause quite a stir!

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