Neighborhood Games for Kids

When you are living in a neighborhood with other families that also have kids, your little ones are bound to strike up a few long lasting friendships. If you aren’t already acquainted, get to know your neighbors and encourage your little ones to make a few new friends with our list of popular neighborhood games and activities for kids. These tried and true neighborhood games have proven to be entertaining enough to keep kids engaged long enough to make a few fun childhood memories that they’re sure to cherish.

Neighborhood Games for Kids
Keep kids entertained and engaged with these fun games!

Designate an adult or responsible person in the area to supervise and then have your kids get the ball rolling with these neighborhood games –

  • Hide n’ Seek:
    To play this classic childhood game, have the kids choose a single child as the seeker, while the rest of the gang runs off to hide in a designated part of the block. The kids are sure to enjoy searching for creative spots and trying to find their new pals in this popular activity for kids.
  • Manhunt or Freeze Tag
    Manhunt or tag is a simple game of chase that has a similar set up to Hide and Seek. One child per round is chosen as “it” and must then tag the other players. After getting tagged, kids are either out of the game or frozen until the next round when a new person is chosen as the tagger.
  • Red Rover
    Like other neighborhood games, Red Rover teaches team building for kids. Split the kids up into two equally sized teams and have them link arms to create two parallel lines or chains of players. From there, each team will take turns calling a single player from the opposing team to run over and try to break their chain.
  • Red light, Green Light
    Red light, Green light is a fun activity for kids that allows the whole gang to not only play a fun and engaging game, but also test their listening skills. Similar to other neighborhood games, one child is designated as “it” or, in this case, “stoplight” and the others line up at a distance in a race to the stoplight. The designated stoplight player is able to start and stop the race at any moment by exclaiming, “red light” or “green light”.

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