Mother's Day Out - Fun Tips and Ideas

Being a Mom is a 24/7 job! Often times, moms must juggle a number of different family roles with ease and have the ability to take care of almost anything before kids even have the chance to ask. While some attribute this ability to some sort of supernatural powers that all moms come equipped with (if only!), it is actually a moms way of showing their selflessness and efforts to ensure everyone in the family is happy and has their needs met.

Have your kids shift their focus from their favorite superhero characters onto their very own in-house wonder woman, mom. While Mother’s Day gifts are a great way to pamper her, there’s so much more that a family could do on this special day. This Mother’s Day, take Mom outside the confines of her regular routine and gift her a day of adventure, excitement, rejuvenation, and good ole’ pampering!

Mother’s Day Out – Top Ideas for a Fun-Filled Day

A day out can mean many things. Find out what your Mom needs the most and gift her one, or a combination of, the following personal days!

A Day of Rejuvenation | A Day of Adventure | A Day of Excitement | A Day of Travel | A Day of Luxury

A Day of Rejuvenation

Mother's Day Out Ideas "Mom & Daughter, 2011" by Deb Nystrom is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Every super woman needs a break to recharge! This Mother’s Day, gift Mom a day at a spa, book her an appointment at her favorite salon, and let her indulge in some R&R. Moms are generally the first ones up and the last ones to hit the sack, each day. On this one day, let her wake up late, eat breakfast in bed, and head out for a pampering session. There’s nothing like a long relaxing manicure and pedicure to give her over worked hands and feet a fresh and polished look! You might even follow that up with a relaxing massage and an evening at the sauna. There’s nothing better than seeing a smiling, happy, and relaxed Mom, is there?

A Day of Adventure

For stay-at-home moms, there’s nothing like a dash of adventure to make their special day even more memorable! As a super woman at home, it’s now time for Mom to pander to her most adventurous desires. Ask mom what she really wants to do – bungee jumping, river rafting, or mountain climbing? Join mom on this exciting adventure and bond with her as she tries something new. If you don’t want something extreme, consider a simpler trek together. The great outdoors beckon. Time to start the adventure!

A Day of Excitement

On this special day to honor all moms, Mom might really appreciate something new and exciting. With all the twists, turns and drama that Dad and the kids bring to her life, she might be ready for a different kind of excitement. But this time, let Mom do something that she really wants to. For example, if she enjoys dancing, enroll her into contemporary dance or ballet classes. Some other options could include pottery, baking, or even roller skating! It’s time to take a break from routine and add a dash of simply silly excitement to Mom’s life!

A Day of Travel

At home, Moms barely get an opportunity to take a break. Even if you decide to pamper her at home and cook her lunch, it’s more than probable that you have no idea where all the ingredients are and Mom will need to step in. This Mother’s Day, leave everything behind and spend a day travelling to a new town or city and explore it together. Traveling is a great way to bond with your Mom and create memories and have experiences that you are sure to cherish forever.

A Day of Luxury

Mother's Day Out Ideas "Three people just for me?" by Dekcuf is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Yes, that’s right. Almost all women love shopping! There’s bound to be a list of things that Mom would love to buy, but probably sacrificed because she chose to buy you something new instead. This year, take Mom on a trip to her favorite shopping mall. Let her try on whatever she wants and pick up the bill on any items that she might want to take home (In case you are on a tight budget, let her know. Mom will definitely understand!). You could also ask other family members to chip in to help her buy those overpriced but really pretty pair of shoes that she’s been silently eying. After all anything goes for Mom on this special day!

For the 364 days that Moms work tirelessly, ensure that at least on this one day of the year, you celebrate Mom and make her feel special. Check out some other fun Mommy-daughter activities that will help you make this day special for Mom. For more on Mother’s Day, you can also check out JumpStart’s fun Mother’s Day worksheets, activities, crafts and coloring pages for kids!

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