Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. It is the one day dedicated to honoring, appreciating and pampering mothers in return for the special love and care they selflessly offer throughout the year. Buying Mom a gift that expresses how much she means can be hard. Mothers will appreciate any gesture of love from their kids, just for the simple thought behind it. On the other hand, it feels really good to spend time and effort to find that perfect personalized Mother’s Day gift that she will truly love and appreciate. So how do you go about finding that perfect gift? JumpStart has some great Mother’s Day gift ideas for every kind of mom!

Top Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day Gifts

Show the very special woman in your life how important she is to you with help from JumpStart’s Mother’s Day gift guide:

  • Spa Sets: Every mother loves to be pampered. Why not give her a gift that will do the pampering? There are a wide variety of options to choose from. First decide whether you would like to gift her something for her hair, body, face, hands or feet. Then decide whether to go for an elaborate set or something simpler. If your mother is the kind of person who just has been showering with the same brand of soap for years, bath salts and shower gels would be a good place to start. On the other hand, if your mother is quite used to regular trips to the spa and has a large collection of self-care products, she is likely to appreciate and use a Mother’s Day gift basket with an assortment of skin care products. If you’re unsure what to go for, just pick a set that smells and looks good. It’s hard to go wrong with spa sets. Spa sets are thoughtful gifts that will ultimately help her relax and take some time for herself.
  • Stationery: Working mothers and mothers who like to be organized will appreciate stationery items that they can use on a regular day-to-day basis. Writing things down is the oldest way of being organized. If your mum is the kind who carries a handy notebook around wherever she goes, then get her a personalized notepad and pen set. Social mothers who are big on special thank you cards will love a personalized note card sets. Desk organizers are another great gift idea that busy mothers will find useful. A pretty desk organizer will not only look great on her desk, but it will also help her keep all her important documents and stationery neat and within reach.
  • Mother's Day Gift Ideas
  • For the Gadget-Crazy Mum: Does your mother’s tablet have every conceivable app downloaded on it? If your mother is big on gadgets, buy her a related gift that she can use. Smartphone and tablet covers come in every conceivable size and shape and make for great gifts. You can also look for accessories that will make using the tablet more comfortable. For example, if your mother usually uses a recipe app while cooking, buy her a tablet holder that she can use in the kitchen! A wireless keyboard is great for people who regularly use the tablet for typing. Gifts like these will show her how well you know her needs, and best of all she will remember you every time she uses it.
  • Hobby-Related Gifts: Mothers spend a large portion of their time looking after the house and taking care of the family. On Mother’s Day, gift her something that encourages her to take care of her own needs and get in more me-time. If your mother has a favorite hobby, buy her a hobby-related gift that she will always appreciate. A gardening enthusiast is likely to appreciate novel gardening tools, or an expensive potted plant. For mothers who love cooking, a thoughtful kitchen appliance, cookbook or dish towel set will score big. Whether your mum likes fishing, traveling or sports, a hobby-related gift is one that she will definitely use. Just remember that she is likely to have a lot of useful equipment already, so make sure you know you’re buying her something she doesn’t already own.

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