Helping Kids Deal with “Monsters Under the Bed”

It is extremely common for kids to let their imaginations get the better of them, especially once the lights go out at bedtime. More often than not, parents are able to recount numerous instances of being awaken in the night due to those pesky “monsters” under their kids’ beds. Next time you face this challenge at bed time, here are a few essential tools for helping your kids conquer their fears and get the full night of rest that their little bodies need to keep growing.

  • Plug in a nightlight:

    Night lights give off the just the perfect amount of light to help kids sleep easy through the night. They help combat the fear of not only monsters but also of the dark. Get your child involved in choosing one that the especially like, so that they have the added comfort of having their special night light near by. It also helps to remind them that monsters don’t particularly like the light. After all, this is why they never see them in the daytime.

  • Equip kids with “Monster Repellent”:

    Decorate an empty spray bottle and tell the kids that the bottle has a few magical ingredients inside that banish monsters on the spot. For an added effect, you might add in some water to the spray bottle to convince them that the “monster repellent” actually exists. Have them spray a few times under the bead and around any other areas that they might encounter those bedtime bugs.

  • Designate a safe item:

    Whether it’s a favorite stuffed animal or prized pendant, have your child keep a special item of their choosing near by as they sleep. Create a story around the item and explain to your kids that the item that they chose has special abilities to keep them safe in the night, especially from those pesky monsters. With your assurance and the item as a nearby reminder, your kids are bound to be able to sleep much easier.

  • Play Detective:

    Before tucking kids away in bed each night, revamp your bedtime routine by playing a short game of detective. Guide them through the room to check any potential hiding spots where monsters could be waiting before the lights go off. Once the room is officially secure, assure them that there would be no way for monsters to sneak into their room at night. This simple game is a great way to get kids to show their bravery when it comes to confronting fears like bedtime monsters.

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