Mommy 'Me Time'

As a parent, it can be easy to lose sight of your own identity and personal interests. Rather than the daily schedule filling with activities of mom’s choosing, the natural tendency is to switch focus to the kids especially when they are still young and require more of your attention for their growth and development. Between spending quality time with your loved ones and the often heavy demands that come with providing for them, it seems that the most valued gift for a mom, these days, is the perk of having a little extra ‘me time’. Whether moms, like you, choose to explore new hobbies or take the time to simply relax, never forget about the little things that you might need to be the best mom you can be. After all, your overall disposition can be what sets the tone around the home.

Here are some of our favorite ‘me time’ treats for moms that you might consider committing to more regularly –

  • Scheduling a regular date night: Parents can often forget about spending quality time with one another as kids become their top priority. Make life more exciting by scheduling a regular date night to spend some bonding time with your spouse over activities that you once enjoyed like sharing a nice meal, staying active with fun outdoor activities, or simply watching a movie with a little more peace and quiet.
  • Planning for some ‘girl time’: Spending time with friends can be a great way to schedule a little bit of time away from the family and all those stressful mommy duties. Plan for your spouse or a sitter to care for the kids, and get in some time with your old friends. Whether you choose to go for a fun night on the town or a simple dinner to catch up, time spent with friends can help a mom not lose sight of the person she was before she took on the roles of wife and mother.
  • Pampering yourself: ‘Me Time’ is about you, so why not consider taking special care of yourself for a day? Try visiting a spa or salon to receive a calming massage, an updated hairstyle, or simply enjoy the perks of a relaxing facial or rejuvenating skin treatment. Simple actions like these can help improve the way stressed and overworked moms might feel about themselves and ultimately help improve their mood and level of happiness.
  • Splurging on some shopping: The usual shopping list for mom might always seem family focused, on a budget, or simply for the kids, so do not let guilt stop you from purchasing that new pair of shoes, luxury handbag or helpful tech tool that you have been eyeing. Moms should always feel comfortable treating themselves for the hard work they put in each day. For some, shopping might even be a treat within itself for those who are always in mommy mode.
  • Picking up a new hobby: It can be difficult for moms to find new hobbies and interests when they are fully focused on family. From online blogging and photography to cooking classes and more athletic pursuits, there are so many great tools available to moms these days that can help them find the platform they need in expressing their many facets.

Mommy ‘me time’ is about you, so don’t feel guilty when you have to step away for some time to relax. Ultimately, seemingly simple treats like the ones listed above can be exactly what you need to be the best mom you can be for your family.

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