Kids and the Importance of School Attendance

Most kids begin the school year with lots of enthusiasm and excitement, looking forward to meeting their friends, making new ones and to new classes and teachers. But many of them lose steam somewhere along the way and at times, attendance in school reflects this loss of motivation after the initial few weeks. At this point, some of them, especially those in middle or high school, tend to develop a casual attitude towards school attendance – missing a few classes doesn’t seem like a big deal.

Kids and the Importance of School Attendance

How to Teach Kids the Importance of School Attendance

Right from the early kindergarten years, your child should learn that regular attendance at school is extremely important for their education. Exceptions, however, can be made in case of illness and emergency. This also helps to underscore the importance of education in their lives. Most kids, particularly those in the formative years, tend to believe that mom and dad know best and will unquestioningly follow the example you set through your actions. If you have a positive attitude about learning, reading and academics in general, you will succeed in instilling similar beliefs in your child. Are your words and actions teaching your child just how important his education is? Your attitude is the first step towards making him attend school regularly.

Another effective way to teach kids the importance of school attendance is to be actively involved in their school activities wherever possible. If this means taking time off from your busy schedule to attend parent-teacher conferences, that is one of the wisest investments you’ll ever make. This has more than one benefit – your involvement will show your child that school is important simply because you give importance to it. Secondly, it gives you an opportunity to interact with his teachers and stay clued in to your child’s education. Parents who refuse to become involved in their child’s school activities are effectively sending the message that it isn’t important enough to deserve your precious time.

The best way to get your child excited about going to school is to make a big deal out of what they are learning at school and valuing their achievements, major or minor. Ideally, your child will mirror your enthusiasm and positive attitude about school and consequently, learn to enjoy the educational process instead of finding excuses to avoid it. And that’s how you can teach your child the importance of school attendance.

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