Keys to Creating Successful and Realistic New Year's Goals

A goal without a plan is just another wish. – Anonymous

It’s that time of the year again when we set on a new journey with fresh resolutions, new dreams, and great expectations. While some of us are successful in keeping our resolutions, others might struggle and give up. This year, don’t give up on those goals for self improvement. Dream big, dream real and see your dreams come true! Follow our 5 easy steps to set successful New Year's goals and transform your life!

"new year" by Sally Mahoney is licensed under CC BY 2.0

How to Set New Year's Resolutions

Choose well-defined realistic goals – Don’t be unrealistic in your expectations. For example, don’t aim to push yourself to unattainable goals. Instead, make your goals realistic – aim at losing a few pounds rather than drastically trying to lose weight in little to no time. Educate yourself on achieving your goals – if you aim at a certain amount of savings in the year, do research and learn how that can be achieved. Various online sources and books can provide valuable information on how you can achieve your goals and dreams in the most efficient way.

Write your goals down – Research has shown that you are far more likely to fulfill your resolutions if you write them down. Writing down a resolution makes it tangible and real instead of it just being an idea in your mind. Refer to your goals every day so you don’t lose track and can continue to focus on them.

Set short term milestones – Don’t set long term targets as those are far more difficult to track and achieve. The chances of you keeping your resolutions are higher if they are short term goals. Seeing the end in sight motivates you to continue and not give up.

Measure progress – Tracking your progress is unarguably one of the most important keys to success! Whatever your resolution happens to be - losing weight, achieving a certain monetary goal, writing a novel, changing an unwanted habit - don’t forget to measure your progress. You could choose to do this every day, once a week, every two weeks, once a month, or whichever way is best applicable to your goal. Some situations might also demand that you measure your actions rather than the progress. If your goal is to achieve proficiency in lawn tennis, then stop to check if you’ve learnt to serve the ball, slam the ball, return the serve, etc.

Set goals you actually want to achieve – Do not set goals because they sound ‘right’ or because you think you ‘should’ achieve them. Ask yourself what it is that you want from the year. Understand your needs, desires, wishes, and ambitions to help you set your New Year's goal.

The new year is about a new you, and what you can do to better yourself for what the future holds. New Year's goals and resolutions help you shape your dreams into reality, and with the help of our realistic task plan you’re sure to be successful!

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