Internet 'Fasting Camps' to Treat Web-Addicted Kids

While technology created many benefits in nurturing and educating children, many parents would agree that in recent years they have witnessed a number of disadvantages. In the digital era, parents find it more difficult to persuade their little ones to “unplug” and appreciate simpler traditions, like spending time outdoors or experience in-person interactions.

Treat Web-Addicted Kids with Fasting Camps
"Internet Cafe" by uros velickovic is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

What is Internet Addiction?

Technology has proven to provide a number of benefits when it comes to kids and education. But the amount of internet usage should have certain limits and be used in moderation. There are a few markers to keep in mind when your kid surfs the web. The internet addiction in children can be easily identified when the parents notice significant changes in emotions, moods, feelings, behaviors or distress symptoms when they are disconnected from the internet.

In fact, children have become so dependent on the internet that new researches and treatments are arising in hope to help manage the growing problem of internet addiction. To help relief the children’s growing dependence on the web and the need to stay digitally connected, a sector of the Japanese government that manages the country’s Health, Labor and Welfare began planning for what many media outlets are referring to as 'internet fasting camps.'

Camps for Web Addiction - Promoting Regular Physical and Outdoor Activities

Internet addiction is a new world phenomenon that influenced kids as young as three years old, who are starting to connect with friends and family through digital communication tools, online games and general web usage. This inevitable trend frightens people who grew up in different time or with limited access to the internet.

The primary purpose of these camps is to promote regular physical and outdoor activity and teach kids to value traditional and sincere face-to-face communication. The results of the camp can also benefit the camp officials and scientists in terms of finding the causes and triggers of Internet addiction amongst the attendees.


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