Inside the School of Dragons

School of Dragons is an all-new, never-before-seen world of learning where young Vikings are invited on the journey of a lifetime to become a world-class dragon trainer.  In a world designed after DreamWorks Animation’s hit film How to Train Your Dragon, players explore the Isle of Berk and other neighboring areas where Vikings and their dragon companions roam to put their scientific knowledge to the test.

In School of Dragons students are encouraged to question the world around them and the naturally occurring phenomena of daily life like the physics behind their dragon’s flight. Rooted in the scientific method, School of Dragons will send students on an epic journey where knowledge is key. Ultimately, success at School of Dragons can be broken up into a simple 5-step processes.

Inside the School of Dragons
Inside the School of Dragons

Scientific Method

  • Step 1: Identify a problem through observation
  • Step 2: Research and gather data
  • Step 3: Create a hypothesis
  • Step 4: Test hypothesis through experimentation
  • Step 5: Draw a conclusion, and re-test if necessary

Aside from their adventurous missions, Viking students will also be able to take a specialized personality test to match them with their ideal dragon type. Much like the bond between Hiccup and Toothless, dragons and their trainers must be the perfect complement to one another. As close-knit companions, a Viking’s dragon must be willing to go above and beyond for its trainer and vice versa.

As a member of the Viking village, students will have to learn about the various roles within the village. From farming and fishing to basic training and dragon racing, there is so much for new students to experience at School of Dragons. Each of the day-to-day tasks challenges young Vikings to use strategy and newly acquired skills in their journey to become a Viking legend.

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