Ideas for a Fun Picnic at the Park

Once spring and summer comes, everybody will head outdoors and host picnics at parks. We have all been to these park picnics that include a gathering of friends and family, finger-licking finger foods, cool drinks that keep the heat at bay, fun board games and more. While these picnics are enjoyed by many friends and families, children may eventually become tired of having the same type of picnics every year. This year, revitalize the traditional park picnic ritual and make it become your child’s favorite family memory.

Fun and Unique Picnic Ideas

The top 5 ideas for a unique picnic at the park are:

  • Invitations:

    Just because the people attending this picnic party are only your family members does not mean things cannot be jazzed up a little. Send everyone cute, handmade invites and give them a reason to look forward to your renewed and revamped picnic in the park. Sending the invites will put people in a celebratory mood and will give them the hint that things are likely to be different this time.

  • Art and Craft:

    It’s your first outdoor party of the season, so don’t just take a picnic rug and leave! Put on your thinking cap, show off your artistic abilities and make crafty collectibles. Adopt a theme and make some easy table decorations or things that can be dangled from trees to give your picnic party as much of a festive feel as possible.

  • Food:

    It is a picnic, so you have got to take finger food along! Does it sound boring? Then spice up the way you serve your food and things could be a whole lot different. If you are serving chips, make cute brown paper bags for them. Cut off the tops of these bags to the height you want for your chips holders and design them using markers. You can serve a wide variety of foods, as long as you ensure that they are bite-size!

  • Drink Station:

    Instead of just handing everyone a Styrofoam cup full of soft drinks of their choice, bring along a table and a chiller to make a drink station. Ask one of the younger ones if they would like to man the station and hand out fizzy surprises to others. You could also paint the cups for a more festive and unique look.

  • Games:

    A picnic in the park is never complete without games. Ditch the regular board games this year and make way for some engaging interactive games instead! Some fun game ideas could be paper bag skits, charades, treasure hunt, hopscotch, and Chinese whisper.

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