How to Throw a Great Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl Sunday is fast approaching, and it’s time to start planning ahead to host a family and friends gathering for game day. You want to make sure that everything you cover includes a number of big game essentials. Here are some tips to get you started with preparing a successful Super Bowl party.

How to throw a Super Bowl party!

Party hard on Super Bowl Sunday!

"Day 32: Superbowling" by Jess Liotta and Colin Liotta is licensed under CC BY 2.0

1. Plenty of drinks to go around - Beverages and football go hand-in-hand so make sure your home is stocked with everything from beers to sodas, water or juice. For your avid football fans, a cooler or icebox for the living room is something you may want to consider, since they will most likely not want to miss a play by making trips to the fridge.

2. Stock up on ice - Nothing ruins a Super Bowl party quicker than a warm drink. Make sure you put bags of ice on your shopping list for this party. Especially if you are going to put beverages in a cooler.

3. Fast food - Not the kind you get from drive -thru, but rather a supply of seemingly endless amount of food items that are easy to just grab and go. Super Bowl party menus do not need to fancy, therefore, food like giant sub sandwiches, wings, pizza, and almost any finger food is plenty for your hungry guests plenty to choose from. The menu may seem a little more on the greasier side, but Super Bowl delectable should be indulgent—you can always throw in a veggie tray to help balance out the diet.

4. Keep your cool about the mess - With all the people in your home and all of the food items mentioned above, you are bound to run into quite a mess. However, remember that accidents happen, especially in the midst of pure excitement over a touchdown. Just keep towels and cleaning supplies accessible when you encounter incidents associated with spilt drinks.

5. Make seating arrangements - Move your living room around to accommodate the number people who are going to attend the party. Make sure there will be enough seating for everyone. Football is a long game, so make sure everyone can be comfortable when watching the game. Also, try to keep the TV the centerpiece of the room, so that everyone can see it.

6. Make things interesting - Odds are that your guests may be rooting for opposite teams and will be inclined to make a little wager on who will score the next touchdown or who will win over all. Why not get everyone involved including your kids? You can create competitions for each quarter and hand out prizes like gift cards or candy!

Now that you know some of these Super Bowl basics, you can get started with planning ahead for the big game. Consider making a list of all of your options and even ask your family or friends about what they would like to have at your party. With all of the information you have, you will sure be able to throw the greatest Super Bowl Party of all!

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