How to Throw a Safe and Fun End-of-Summer Pool Party

Summer’s coming to a close and it’s time to make one final, big, and memorable splash. Yes, we’re talking about throwing the perfect end-of-summer pool party!

Planning the Perfect Pool Party

Whether it is a party for parents or pool party for teens and kids, there are some simple but important aspects to plan and take care of before your next end of summer bash. Here’s an easy list to help make the planning process run a little smoother, and so you are not left sweating it out over any last minute details.

Throwing the Perfect Summer Pool Party
  1. Guest List and Invites
    Once you’ve zeroed in on the date you will host your end of summer pool party, it’s time to draw up the guest list. So, how many people do you invite? There is, of course, no magic number that suits all. An easy way to decide on a number is by evaluating your party area, including the pool. Decide how many people the location can comfortably accommodate, taking into account that not all guests may enter the pool, and even if they do, not all of them will be in the pool at the same time.
    Ideally, invitations should be sent a week or two in advance. Depending on the age group of your guests, you can send out custom invitations that really set the tone for the party ahead. Having actual invitations ready is just one of the great ways to have your party stand out from all the other end-of-summer pool parties!
  2. Safety
    No matter how many capable adults are keeping watch at the pool, general pool safety measures should be the first item on your checklist when planning parties around bodies of water. If you expect to have many kids in and out of the pool, make sure that there is always an adult who is supervising them. It might also be helpful to keep a first aid kit and a few flotation devices close to the pool in case of emergencies.
  3. Décor
    With the basics covered –guest list, invitations, and safety precautions – it’s time to dive head-first into the kind of ambience you want to create and the experience you want the guests to have while at your end of summer party.
    An easy place to start is by picking a theme for your party. Whether you choose a color theme (for example: all aqua colors), a seasonal summer theme, or anything else this step will help give you direction with choosing decorations. With the right décor in place, you’ll have a party that looks well planned and that is sure to impress your guests!
  4. How to Throw a Fun Pool Party
  5. Entertainment
    While people can have a whale of a time simply splashing around in the pool, organizing some fun pool games and activities makes the much-needed difference between a good party and a great one! Keeping all your guests entertained is sure to help make your party a success. The games do not have to be elaborate. Beach balls and low maintenance water games will ensure that everyone is having a great time.
    Another important factor that you should not overlook is the music! Make sure that you plan the kind of music you want played. You can have a DJ if you like, but a good playlist kept ready in advance should also do the trick. Lively Hawaiian or Brazilian music are often the best bets for such parties, but the music choice will ultimately need to fit your guest list and overall tone for the party.
  6. Food and Drinks
    Spending time in the pool can certainly have everybody looking for food to refuel! Make sure you have enough food to go around and then some. It’s best to stick to fuss-free foods with large groups by the pool. An end-of-summer pool party is more about splashing around and having fun than about fine dining. Stick to bite-sized snacks that are easy to pass around and eat. Have some options for non-meat eaters as well. When it comes to the drinks, keep some dispensers that people can use to self-serve. It reduces the hassle of constantly going around and ensuring everyone has something to keep them properly hydrated while outdoors.

Once you’ve taken care of the 5 biggest steps in planning an end of summer pool party, everything else is going to be a breeze. Just make sure to shower attention on all your guests and make them feel comfortable and engaged. After, you’re all celebrating the end of summer!

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