How to Redecorate Your Kid’s Room

When decorating a child’s room, parents allow themselves to be more creative and experimental than they are in the rest of the house. However, with so many styles to choose from and your child’s  preferences to keep in mind, it’s easy to end up with a look that all of you will tire of in a few years. Here are a few tips for what to keep in mind while redecorating your child’s room:

How to Redecorate Your Kid’s Room
How to Redecorate Your Kid’s Room

  • Decorating the walls

The walls are usually one of the most striking features in a bedroom decorated for children. Bright colors and vivid patterns make the room inviting for young kids. However, painting all four walls deep pink is not always the best idea, even if your child tries to convince you otherwise. Consider having a feature or accent wall to strike a compromise between your child’s ideas and your own. Accent walls are a great way to add character to a room and personalize it without going overboard with a single color. An additional advantage is that you can also consider a more extravagant pattern or design on an accent wall since you will be saving on the remaining walls. For these types of walls, you can consider having a large mural, patterned wallpaper, a collection of photographs or even various types of artwork. Graphic patterns like stripes and polka dots are a great way to create a spirited look that can last through various stages of a child’s adolescence. On the other hand, designs like a huge tree with branches hanging over the bed may look great in the daytime, but can get quite creepy after nightfall. Keep these things in mind before committing to large scale wall décor ideas.

  • Storage space

Storage space is an important consideration if you want your child to keep their room tidy. Furniture with built-in storage space is especially handy in a child’s bedroom. However, there are many more options you can choose from. Bright storage baskets that go with the theme of the room are very popular, and keep the room tidy while adding to its character. Have a combination of open and closed storage areas to allow for displaying certain possessions and keeping others neatly tucked away.

  • Work area

As long as you have the room for it, it is a great idea to create a personalized workspace for your child within the bedroom. Ensure that the table top is large enough to sit at for extended periods, and that you give preference to comfort over design when choosing the chair.

  • Accommodating friends

Many children’s beds come with extra mattresses that can be pulled out to accommodate friends that are sleeping over. Even if this isn’t an option, you might still want to keep in mind that you will need space to store and use extra bedding for guests. Creating a comfortable hangout space is a great way to encourage your child to bring friends home and get to know them. Include extra chairs, benches or bean bags that your child’s guests can get comfy in, and also leave some space wide open for the kids to play in.

  • Think long-term

You may have a look that your child is madly in love with now, but you cannot guarantee he will feel the same way about it three years later. Do yourself a favor and make sure that design elements targeting kids can easily be adjusted to suit the tastes of an older child a few years later. Go for removable wall stickers or decals instead of murals since they can easily be peeled off. Look for shelves and cupboards with adjustable racks and rods. Try to choose more classic patterned wall paper instead of cartoon-themed ones. These tips will help you assure that redecorating does not have to be done more often than it might need to be.

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