How to Juggle Pregnancy and Young Children

In your first trimester, your body’s transformation might not be completely noticeable, but the process certainly is occurring. At that moment, it is as if, everyone is throwing tips at you, without asking what it is that you really want to or need to know. Then, in the last days of pregnancy, you might begin to feel the added pressures from the uncertainty that comes along with any pregnancy. What if my water breaks? What if it is a complicated delivery? Trying to stay calm at the face of such daunting questions is like trying to keep all the balls in the air. Throw in that fact that you already have a few young children to care for and you might feel desperate for a little more guidance.

Despite our best attempts to make a song and dance out of pregnancy, it is hardly ever the case, especially when you have a few little ones already running around and battling for you attention. How do you plan on approaching this new pregnancy experience? Here, are a few tips to help you juggle them all and still keep stress at a distance.

Don’t Forget about ‘Me’ Time

When you juggle pregnancy and young children, even the thought of asking for ‘me time’ seems a bit selfish, doesn’t it? However, it is only natural for any person to crave time for themselves especially when dealing with so much physical change. During these 9 months, you need personal time more than ever. Having to deal with so many things at one go can leave you utterly stressed! Every time you feel the first signs of stress inching up, step back and coordinate some time off. Switch off your phone, don’t check emails – do whatever it takes and don’t let anyone make you feel guilty. After all, you won’t be able to take care of everyone else’s needs if you yourself are not in tip top shape.

Have a Support Staff

Whether it is your parents or your in-laws, whether it is a friend or a neighbor or a co-worker, or a mix of them all, as someone juggling pregnancy and young children it is almost necessary to have your support staff in place. You don’t really have to have trained professionals waiting on you and your kids 24/7, just the knowledge and piece of mind that someone is close enough at hand should something unexpected occur in your day to day schedule. Don’t feel guilty if some of them are folding laundry, some are sweating it out to get dinner on the table while some others are trying to cheer up your sullen toddlers as take a quick break to lift your feet up – this is what family and friends are for. And you will have ample opportunity to make up for it later!

Make Time for Family

"How a pregnant woman plays soccer" by Mrs. Flinger is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

During this major period of change, it is likely that your young children are simply looking for stability and your reassurance that everything will be okay. Even if you’re getting help from your support staff to help manage day to day tasks, make sure to spend some time with your young kids every day and remind them that you’ll still be there for them even when their new brother or sister arrives. Listen more. Tell them you love them, and ensure them that that there is nothing to worry about.

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