How to Host a DIY Crafts Party for Kids

Most kids have a creative streak that blossoms with a little encouragement. Harness your child’s creativity with DIY crafts that will keep him engaged in learning something new. Make it even more fun for your little one by hosting a crafts party for your kids and their friends! These are highly inclusive events where your children, their friends, and kids from the neighborhood and community can have a very enjoyable time. Hosting a successful kids’ crafts party need not cost a lot or even take up too much of your time. Follow these 4 basic tips and you are ready to host your very own crafting event. We guarantee the effort will be worth it. After all, nothing beats DIY for making new friends and bringing like-minded kids together!

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Planning a Kids’ Crafts Party – 4 Things to Remember

  1. Simplicity works
    Remember, you’re planning a DIY crafts party for little kids. Even if your guests are tweens or teens, it helps to keep the project simple enough for the craft-challenged and interesting enough for skilled crafters. A good idea would be to provide 2 -3 options ranging from extremely simple to highly challenging, and flexible enough for the participants to give their own creative spin to the project. Choose something that doesn’t take too much time – an hour or two is as much as an active youngster can take without getting frustrated. This ensures that everyone completes their project regardless of their skill level and proudly takes it home as a gift.

  2. Location is important
    If your child is planning to invite just 5 close friends for his DIY crafts party, you could just let them sprawl out on your living room floor. But if there’s a chance of most of the neighborhood turning up, you might have to look for suitable alternative spaces. You need to find a location that suits the kind of project you are organizing. If it’s a knit-and-crochet event, a place with a few comfy couches and chairs will serve the purpose; but if the project involves drawing or tools such as scissors (as most crafts do), keep your eyes peeled for community spaces such as library meeting rooms, cafes, and art spaces.

  3. Organize the Supplies
    Your kids’ crafts party will run smoothly if you organize your supplies in advance, particularly high-demand basics like glue and scissors. Make sure you load up on all the supplies necessary for your project and sort them into baskets or trays for quick access – your little guests won’t appreciate waiting in queue to get started. If your child plans to invite a lot of friends, the cost of supplies might not fit into your budget, but there are ways of getting around this without reducing the number of guests.

    • Ask all invitees to RSVP at least a couple of days before you shop for supplies. This gives you an accurate headcount and prevents waste.
    • Have guests contribute $5 towards the cost of the food and supplies or have them bring in some of their own stuff.
    • Choose an inexpensive project that requires minimum supplies, or one that uses recycled materials.
  4. Serve Kid-friendly Refreshments
    A DIY crafts event, like any other party, can never be really successful without a few healthy, kid-friendly snacks for your crafting crew. Here are some options:
    • Fruit with low-fat yogurt dip
    • Graham crackers with peanut butter
    • Fresh fruit smoothies
    • Applesauce popsicles
    • Whole-wheat English muffins

Use these simple tips and make your DIY crafts party for kids take off in a big way!

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